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The Zumstein catalogs are stamp catalogs from Switzerland, which enjoy international reputation. They appear regularly since the beginning 20. Century and Philatelisten are considered as important reference book among Swiss.

The Zumstein catalogs are spent by Swiss company Zumstein & Cie made of Berne. Among their output program stamp catalogs over Swiss issues of stamps as well as a west" and "Europe east" rank catalog "Europe. These stamp catalogs are revised annually and supplemented.

The Zumstein catalogs decrease/go back on the Philatelisten Ernst Zumstein. This created 1905 the stamp action Zumstein and published starting from 1907 the magazine philatelic stock exchange messages. This appears, since 1915 under the name Bernese stamp newspaper, this very day. Two years later, in the year 1909, a Switzerland special catalog of Ernst Zumstein appeared finally for the first time. This was the beginning of the history of the Zumstein catalogs.

The Zumstein catalogs appear bilingual in German and French.

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