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Zamorano is a spicy Spanish cheese from sheep milk.

The cheese with the indication of origin D.O. Zamorano originates from the Spanish province Zamora in the damp and cold high country from Kastilien The milk for the heartful, salty easily pikanten cheese supply sheep of the Churra and the Castellana race. After double heating up and Verdickung of the milk the mass in forms, developed in such a way, is pressed, gesalzen and at least long in cellars stored 100 days. Some enterprises insert the maturing Zamorano temporarily additionally into olive oil, whereby the spicy flavour of the Zamorano is still intensified. Relating to crafts, made of raw milk manufactured Zamorano cheese carries the auxiliary designation "Artesano". The Zamorano possesses a cylindrical form. The hard, yellowish to dark grey colored crust is provided with a zigzag engraving at the edge and a sample on the upper and lower surfaces, which point out that the cheese was originally pressed in forms from twisted Espartogras. The cheese has a fat content of 45% in the dry weight. The loaf weighs traditionally between 1,5 and 4 kg.

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