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World OF Warcraft (dt. world of the war handicraft) is a mass Multiplayer on-line game of roles (English massifs Multiplayer on-line Roleplaying Game, briefly MMORPG), which ten thousands players play at the same time together over Internet. 2004 by the enterprise Blizzard Entertainment and are settled, like three further plays were published, in the WarCraft universe. World OF Warcraft ties 2003 to the history of the published WarCraft title WarCraft III - The Frozen of thrones.


The play appeared to OS X. in Europe on 23 November 2004 in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand for Microsoft Windows and Mac is available the play since 11 February 2005 in the trade. Start in Korea was on 18 January 2005 and in the People's Republic China on 6 June 2005. As usual is the case for many MMORPGs, OF Warcraft a monthly fee must be paid also for World, whereby the height arranges itself after the duration of the subscription. So-called Prepaid Game Cards, which can be acquired available, offers an alternative and which players for a certain time the participation to make possible.

On the first day of the European start 290,000 copies were sold. These sales figures rose after the weekend following on it to 380.000 copies. The federation of the maintenance software Germany (VUD) confirmed Blizzard that alone in Germany after five weeks 200,000 pieces were sold; thus the play the gold and platinum gets Award. On the first sales day in Germany a great many prospective customers before the business, over at all still another copy stood too ergattern. World-wide over 6 million copies of the play were sold (conditions: 1. June 2006). World OF Warcraft is the usually-played MMORPG in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

Play world

World OF Warcraft plays in from the other Warcraft plays admitted world Azeroth, which is divided into the two continents "Kalimdor "and "eastern kingdoms ". On the continents is a multiplicity of different cities and villages. Further there are most diverse landscapes as well as special Instanzierte Dungeon from forests, deserts up to jungles (of the remainder of the world "abgespaltene "areas as for example determined caves, walls etc.). In order to shorten long itineraries, there are even different progressive movement means, like flight animals, Zeppeline, boats and on side of the alliance an underground course, which connects the capitals of humans and dwarves. In World OF Warcraft gives it six capitals (Thunder bluff, Orgrimmar, Undercity on sides of the horde/hurdle and Ironforge, Darnassus as well as Stormwind on sides of the alliance), which are to be found distributed in the whole world.

Expiration of play

In order the world of Warcraft to learn, can the player a multiplicity of Quests so mentioned (tasks/missions) accept, for it points of experience and rewards know in the form of virtual money, articles of equipment, or other Items in such a way specified bring in. In the entire play exists approx. 7000 this Quests, which is not extended however (how often states) by so-called Patches (update) on the computer of the user, but by server-lateral programmings. Further the player - category typical for most games of roles - receives points of experience for the successful fight against computer-controlled monsters. Also for exploring unknown quantities of areas there are points of experience. After reaching a certain number of points of experience, the character in the level rises. Each straight level can one new abilities with the class coach acquire, who strengthens the character. Starting from the tenth level one receives here points of talent, which one can use for the specialization of the abilities. The maximum level of the basic play is 60, afterwards the character cannot ascend further. The planned ADD on "Burning Crusade "(English "burning crusade ") will increase the limit to level 70. As in most games of roles the players can form also for groups, in order to fight together or fulfill missions.

Server types

The player selects a Realm (server) for playing, on he a character provided. There are three Realmcluster: An American, an asiatic and a European. In everyone there is different Realms, which differs apart from the languages (in Europe those are so far German, English, French and Spanish) in four types. On a normal, and/or PvE server (Player versus Environment) players of opposing parties can duellieren themselves only among themselves, if both agree a duel or are in each case a party in the city that different party, on a PvP server (Player versus Player) are omitted this restriction. Here the continents are divided in certain zones: Friendly areas, contested areas and hostile areas. In friendly areas one must not have a fear by people of the opposing parliamentary group to be attacked one has however at any time the possibility of attacking thus someone. In contested areas exists permanently the danger by the opposing parliamentary group to be attacked. This applies naturally also to the other parliamentary group. In the hostile areas one cannot attack anybody, one can by the hostilely gesinnten players be attacked however at any time. The type of play PvP is much heavier than PvE, since one can be disturbed in the majority of the world by the opposing parliamentary group with Quests. Here loners have hardly a chance and a forming of groups stand clearly in the foreground. Finally the RP-servers (game of roles) are servers, to which apart from fundamental rules (Fairplay etc.) also style-fair naming and colloquial language one pays attention. The players embody a character, which lives in the world of Azeroth, their own background history and certain peculiarities have, what leads to a more intensive play experience. The Gamemaster is mindful on such servers on the fact that these extended behavior rules are also kept. RSP server gives it both with to the PvE rules (RP-PvE-servers) and (since September 2005) with the PvP rules (RP-PvP-servers).

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