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Wolf Jobst settler (* 17 January 1926 in Berlin) is a journalist and a writer living in Berlin.


Settler was born as a son of an imperial diplomat in Berlin. To his ancestors among other things the sculptor Johann Gottfried Schadow and the musician Carl Friedrich Zelter belong.

During the Second World War settler was used as Air Force aid. As such he was arrested because of military force decomposition and condemned to nine months penintentiary. He experienced the end of war at the front in Italy, where he came into British war shank. 1949 married settlers. To the marriage two children come of.

After its study of the sociology, philosophy and history at the free University of Berlin, he worked nearly ten years as a journalist, particularly for the daily mirror, the new newspaper and the month. He experienced a high point of this career with the appointment to the boss of the feuilleton citizens of Berlin of the daily mirror.

1963 occurred settlers the Ullstein Verlagsgruppe and took over the line of the of publishing house. In the years 1967 to 1979 it worked as a managing director of the Ullstein GmbH for the publishing houses Quadriga and Ullstein ''.

Together with the film producer yokes Severin settler 1980 created the publishing house Severin & settler, which concentrated on political and historical literature. When Severin separated after three years, the Verag was restructured and again-based as a wolf Jobst settler publishing house. 1989 took over the publishing house the Bertelsmann group, however settler in advisory function kept m publishing house.

Until today (February 2005) settler for the FAZ, the South German newspaper, writes the time, boy liberty and the citizens of Berlin morning mail.



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