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Wolf in the Maur (* 2. March 1924 in complaint ford; "† 17. March 2005 in Vienna) was a Austrian journalist and publisher.


After end of the Second World War wolf worked in the Maur starting from 1945 as journalist, theatre director and a free coworker at the transmitter complaint ford. Starting from 1947 it was a correspondent for various Austrian and German daily papers. At the same time it published several industrial magazines.

From 1959 to 1961 was in the Maur editor-in-chief of the "week press". it to the sister sheet "the press" changed 1962, where he became first boss of the service, late managing director and publisher. 1974 changed in the Maur to the ORF, where it becomes among general managers Otto upper hammer radio director. Subsequently, from 1979 to in the middle of 1984, he was television director for FS1 (today: ORF1).

1997 created the Austrian journalist club in the Maur as well as Nenning.

Wolf in the Maur died in 82. Lebensjahr after long serious illness.


  • Publisher of the series of publications short & concise
  • Anton Pelinka and Erika Weinzierl (publisher): Of Austria handling its past. Vienna, 1997
  • Michael Gaismair society (publisher): Humans, the journalist, the historian. Bozen, 1993. ISBN 8872830443
  • Wolf in the Maur: The Balkans. 1993, ISBN 3851280741
  • Wolf in the Maur: Liberalism. 1990. ISBN 3851280482
  • Wolf in the Maur: Nationalism. 1989. ISBN 385128030X
  • Wolf in the Maur: The French revolution. 1988. ISBN 3851280148
  • Wolf in the Maur: Gypsy. Wanderer between the worlds. 1969. ISBN 3851280709
  • Guido Zernatto: Of the nature of the nation. Questions and answers to the nationality problem. 1966

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