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The winter welfare organization of the German people (WHW) was a donation created for the discharge of the national unemployment welfare scheme in the third realm on 13 September 1933. It should the "community" strengthen and besides the state financially relieve. Later it served also to show fast visible successes with the fight against the consequences of war damage and poverty. In Berlin resident WHW of the realm Minister for public enlightenment and propaganda was led. Organizational it was subordinate to the LV people welfare.

The financing of the WHW functioned over a system of collections, donations, wage renouncement and freiwilligen work and services. The house and road collections with badge sales during the winter months (from 1933 to 1943 around the 8000 different badges were given change) were put out clearly by LV propaganda. They were one of the most well-known features of the NS time. Many artists and persons from the policy made themselves available free of charge.

After the conclusion of the first WHW the sum of 358.1 million realm Marks was communicated. On 9 October 1934 Hitler opened the second WHW. In the following winter terms the donation sum constantly increased. The total arising at donations (cash donations, gifts in kind and increases in value) amounted to:

  • 1933:358,1 million realm Marks
  • 1934:367,4 million realm Marks
  • 1935:364,5 million realm Marks
  • 1936:415,2 million realm Marks
  • 1937:419,0 million realm Marks

The WHW was economicalally not only for the social politics, but also for the financial policy of importance: Since the Second World War was financed inflation" (with), back-accumulated by the German Reich by a ", the pervasive collecting activity of the WHW served the money absorption, i.e. the donated money did not appear praise-rubbing as purchasing power on the produce markets. Furthermore the badge production regional-economically (above all Thuringian) kept the home industry upright, whose classical products (above all Weihnachtsschmuck) in the war could be produced hardly more. An accessible public accounting did not take place.

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