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Winkelhaken the Schriftsetzer calls adjustable teachings for building a line up from type characters for high pressure (also: Printing). In the technical and colloquial language of the typesetters the Winkelhaken is called "spoon ".

The Winkelhaken is usually manufactured from german silver an angular rail, which has ascertainable notice ("frog ") from steel a being certain and shift and. The distance between these notices corresponds to the desired line length. The distance is stopped with several squares and is not measured. Depending upon intended purpose there are Winkelhaken of different lengths. Beyond that also Winkelhaken with two firm notices for always recurring line lengths are as e.g. in the newspaper set common.

By use of the Winkelhakens it is guaranteed that all lines have accurately the same length and when "clamping "the entire sentence, which consists of some lines "a closed sentence "develop. The closed sentence becomes strained with closing things into "the form "(the printing form) or a closing framework. With both it is important that the lateral pressure is so even on the type characters that none fall out or the Spatien works itself upward in printing process - "the mirror-image meal ".

The Winkelhaken was already developed by Johannes good mountain and used in the printing, displaced to it by the introduction of the typesetting machines (mono type and linotype). In addition, afterwards headings and Akzidenzen thereby were set or it for the placing were still used.

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