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William Pleyer (* 8. March 1901 Sudomerice; "† 14 December 1974 Munich) was a Sudeten German writer and journalist German adjustment.


Pleyer studied carrot number and the north active at the German university in Prague and was starting from 1924 as a journalist for the magazines. 1926 to 1929 it held the office of the "gau managing director of the German national party of Czechoslovakia, was then an editor with the Gablonzer daily messenger, Reichenbacher daily messenger and the Sudeten German monthly magazines.

In the third realm it ascended to one the most successful Sudeten German writer, who made itself strong for the largeGerman idea always. After its driving out as a Sudeten German Pleyer in Bavaria lived and continued in postwar Germany its literary career, which was connected with different honors.

Honors and honours

  • 1938 literary award of the realm capital Berlin
  • 1941 bibliography price of the city Stuttgart
  • Entry on the poet stone in open living

Works (in selection)

  • The youth ways, poems, 1921
  • The The German fairy tale for the doll stage, 1928
  • German protection work 1929, 1930
  • Germany is larger! Poems of a borderland German, 1932
  • Till Scheerauer. The novel of a young German, 1932 (revised version: Till Scheerauer, 1949)
  • The Puchner. A borderland fate, novel, 1934
  • The brothers Tommahans, novel, 1937
  • In the hotel "to the German agreement". Stories from , 1937
  • Song from Poems, 1938
  • The fight for Rust. 2 narrations, 1938
  • The latter and the first days. Verses and diary sheets of fight and release, 1940
  • The cucumber tree. Cheerful stories, 1941
  • Bismarck through-rides the night. Picture of a German, novella, 1942
  • Poet travel by combat areas. A diary, 1942
  • Mutters veil. Humorige of verses, 1943
  • The call of the life, 1943
  • The adventure Nikolsburg. 2 narrations, 1944
  • Tjawoll! Merry and grimmige stories, 1944
  • Praise of the women. A framework narration, 1948
  • Nevertheless. New poems, 1951
  • Player in God hand, novel, 1951
  • The way home, novel, 1952
  • But we greet the morning. Experiences 1945-1947, 1953
  • Hirschau and Hockewanzel. The varying book from the Sudetenland, 1957
  • Of Europe unknown center. A political reader, 1957
  • Musenbusserln. Unserious poems, 1957
  • No night is so deep. Stories and songs from the time, 1957
  • The night of the winners, play, 1960
  • Poems of many years, 1962
  • Hans Grimm, E.G. Kolbenheyer, wants Vesper. Intending speech (on 15 July 1962 from cause of the Lippoldsberger poet daily), 1962
  • From angles and worlds. Narrations, 1962
  • The German writer in this time, 1970
  • Seal and people consciousness. The Lippoldsberger poet days. Report and lecture, 1971
  • Decades. In speeches, essays, open letters, 1971


  • Rudolf captain: Owing to at William Pleyer. German poet, unyielding lawyer of the Sudeten Germans and the Sudetenlandes. North first EDT: Books on and 2004. ISBN 3-8334-0664-X
  • Werner Vienna: William Pleyer. Munich: Dt. Volksverl. 1939.

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