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William McChesney Martin Jr. (* 17 December 1906 in Saint Louis, Missouri; "† 28 July 1998 in Washington, D.C.) was a boss of the US-American Federal reserve of system.

William McChesney Martin Jr. became 1906 as a son of William McChesney Martin SR. and Rebecca Woods born. Its father was already an important Banker and was 1913 involved in the development of the reserve system of the USA. William studied to the renowned Yale University, where he learned mainly latin, English and tennis. After the study it oriented more at the financial world and got themselves its first employment with the Federal reserve bank in pc. Louis, whose presidency its father held. Subsequently, he worked at the securities trading enterprise A.G. Edward & Sons, where it became already after two years partner. it began to act 1931 for the enterprise at the New York stick Exchange. Beside its actual work it began to use itself also for the improvement of the supervision of security. 1935 he was selected in board of directors of the NYSE. 1938 he became then a first paid chairman of the stock exchange board of directors. In April 1941 he became private first class of the US army and already 10 months late officer. As such it was among other things responsible for the co-ordination of the assistance of the USA to the Soviet Union. After its dismissal in the rank of a Colonel he became a president of the export import bank. Its work ended there after three years with its change to the US Treasury, where it was responsible for Finanzanangelegenheiten as an assistant. At the same time it represented the USA in the World Bank. From there it was appointed 1951 by Harry S. Truman as the boss of the Federal reserve of system, which of the US senate to 21. March 1951 was confirmed. While its term of office was it particularly at the stability of the US Dollar and thus a low inflation interests, which brought in conflicts with the government for it. Nevertheless its term of office ended only on 30 January 1970. With nearly 19 years he is a longest acting chairman of the central bank system of the USA. Its successor became Arthur F. Burns. Martin died 1998 in Washington.

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