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August William May brook (* 9 February 1846 in Heilbronn; "† 29 December 1929 in Stuttgart) was a German autotechnical designer and entrepreneur.

Life and working

When William was 8 years old May brook, its family pulled from lion stone in only 30 km removed Stuttgart, where its two parents deceased within three years. It lived 13 years in the brother house in Reutlingen, where Waisenkinder from poor families received education and training. In the brother house August William received training as technical draughtsmen and met technical designer there to May brook and God-dear Daimler for the first time: Daimler was responsible as directors/conductors of engine works for the brother house and kept May brook assigned as assistants. From now on it accompanies its promoter Daimler in different places of Germany.

May brook married 1878 the Maulbronner landlord and post office owner daughter Bertha Wilhelmine Habermas (1851-1931); her first son Karl May brook came on 6 July 1879 into Cologne Deutz to the world (it died on 7 February 1960 in Friedrichshafen), 1884 as a second son Adolf May brook ("† 1940) and a daughter into Cologne was born.

He worked on the end 19. Century with God-dear Daimler together at the development of the combustion engine. As a technical director of the Daimler engine society it had relevant portion with the construction of the first modern automobile.

Around 1900 it designs the Mercedes simplex on suggestion of the Austrian buyer and Consul General Emil Jellinek (1853-1918). A racing car with one 35-PS-Vierzylindermotor and two carburetors. The vehicle represents the car of the future with May brook inventions, the bee honeycomb radiator and the gear. Jellinek calls the model after its daughter "Mercedes". 1904 developed May brook the first six cylinder Mercedes engine with 70 HP and 1906 designed it a trend-setting 120-PS-Rennmotor with hanging in and exhaust valves, obenliegender cam shaft and double ignition.

it made and was based 1909 independent with his 1879 born son Karl the company Maybach-Motorenbau GmbH in Bissingen/Enz, which manufactured Zeppelinmotoren later and in Friedrichshafen luxury car (see also MTU Friedrichshafen).

1916 were lent to William May brook of the technical university Stuttgart.

William May brook died 1929 in Stuttgart CAN place and in direct proximity of God-dear Daimler on the Cannstatter Uff Kirchhof was buried.

Today the automobile mark May brook is settled with Daimler Chrysler.

See also: Mercedes Benz museum in Stuttgart bath CAN place

Name giver

William May brook is named-giving for the following mechanisms:

  • for the William May brook school, commercial vocational school in Stuttgart bath CAN place
  • for the William May brook school in Heilbronn, which is a technical school center for out and further training and is active in the ranges manufacturing, metal, motor vehicle and electro-technology in particular
  • for the William May brook high school 5. OR Spandau (six-form high school) in Berlin Spandau
  • for the William May brook school, promotion vocational school and promotion Technical High School in Reutlingen


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