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William Genazino (* 22 January 1943 in Mannheim) is a renowned German writer, who among other things with the most important German literary award, which George price was distinguished.


William Genazino buildup in simple conditions in its hometown Mannheim. After the Abitur and a Volontariat with the Rhine Neckar newspaper studied Genazino Germanistik, philosophy and sociology to the Johann Wolfgang Goethe university in Frankfurt/Main. After conclusion he worked as free journalist and editor. He was among other things until 1971 an editor with the Frankfurt satire magazine Pardon and from 1980 to 1986 co-editors of the magazine bookmark. Since beginning of the 1970er years acquires it its living costs as freelance writers.

From 1970 to 1998 it lived in Frankfurt/Main. 1997/98 held Genazino a poetologische Gastdozentur at the University of Paderborn. Since 1998 it lived then in Heidelberg. It received among other things 1990 for its novel the mark, the jacket, the rooms, the pain the literary award of the city Bremen, 1995 to the Solothurner literary award, 1996 the citizen of Berlin literary award and the city clerk price from mountains, 1998 the large literary award of the Bavarian academy of the beautiful arts and 2001 the Kranichsteiner literary award for its complete work. it receives the most important German literary award, which with 40.000 euro George price of the German academy for language and seal in Darmstadt to 2004 endowed, in which it is since 1990 member. In the winter semester 2005/06 it holds the Poetik lectures under the title "the stimulation of the dead angles" at the Frankfurt university.

Genazino into the late 1970er years admits by its Abschaffel Trilogie over the interior life one isolates living small employees. In his narrations and essays he picks out individual pictures from the inconspicuous everyday life and describes her Its descriptions result from a temporally stretched view of concrete details. To this intensive kind of the perception the title of its essay the lengthened view refers. Beside its novels he wrote also numerous radio plays.


  • Laslinstrasse, Cologne 1965
  • Abschaffel Trilogie:
    • Abschaffel, Reinbek with Hamburg 1977
    • The destruction of the concerns, Reinbek with Hamburg 1978
    • Wrong years, Reinbek with Hamburg 1979
  • The dissipation, Reinbek with Hamburg 1981
  • Stranger of fights, Reinbek with Hamburg 1984
  • The mark, the jacket, the rooms, the pain, Reinbek with Hamburg 1989
  • From the bank, Goettingen 1990
  • The love for a-fold, Reinbek with Hamburg 1990
  • Quietly singing Mrs., Reinbek with Hamburg 1992
  • From the distance, Reinbek with Hamburg 1993
  • The picture of the author is the novel of the reader, 1994
  • The homelessness of the fish, Reinbek with Hamburg 1994
  • The light burns a hole into the day, Reinbek with Hamburg 1996
  • Reports to the friends, Frankfurt/Main 1996
  • Attention building site, Frankfurt/Main 1998
  • The cashiers, Reinbek with Hamburg 1998
  • Over the amusing: externalled humor, Paderborner university Universities of, Paderborn 1998
  • The lengthened view, Frankfurt/Main 1999
  • On the dump, Reinbek with Hamburg 2000
  • An umbrella for this day, Munich and others 2001
  • Karnickel and violet, Kiel 2001
  • A Mrs., a dwelling, a novel, Munich and others 2003
  • The lengthened view, essay, Munich and others 2004
  • The , Munich 2005
  • Dear God Mach me blindly (UA national theatre Darmstadt, October 2005), Frankfurt 2003
  • The stimulation of the dead angles, publication to the Frankfurt Poetik Dozentur, Munich 2006



  • The Shoe tester OF Frankfurt, 2006


  • Un parapluie pour ce jour , 2002
  • Un apartment, une femme, un novel, 2004


  • Greek title for an umbrella for this day


  • IL collaudatore di scarpe, 2003
  • La dell'amore, 2006


  • litauische version of an umbrella for this day


  • Spanish version of a Mrs., a dwelling, a novel
  • Translations of works Genazinos appeared also in lettischer and Russian language.

Publisher shank

  • Occupation: Artist, Frankfurt/Main 1983


  • 1986 Westermanns literary award
  • 1990 of Bremen literary award for the mark, the jacket, the rooms, the pain
  • A hole burns 1998 large literary award of the Bavarian academy of the beautiful arts for the light into the day
  • 2001 Kranchichsteiner literary award of the German literature fund registered association for its complete work
  • 2003 art price Berlin ("Fontane price" the citizen of Berlin academy of the arts - literature)
  • 2003 Hans Fallada price of the Stad new cathedrals
  • 2004 author price of the German-language theatre publishing houses with the Heidelberger piece market for dear God Mach me blindly
  • 2004 George price


  • Heinz Ludwig Arnold (Hrsg.): "William Genazino". Edition text + criticism, Munich 2004, ISBN 3-88377-755-2

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