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William Friedle (* 7 November 1889 in Heilbronn, "† 20. May 1935 in Aue, Saxonia) was from 1927 to 1935 an operations director in the Daimler Benz work Sindelfingen. To this function it introduced assembly-line for the first time in a German factory.

William Friedle lived with his family in Sindelfingen and pulled then after Aidlingen.Er began his career as an engineer in the Sindelfinger aircraft plant and with the line of the general enterprise was immediately entrusted.

After the end of the First World War the enterprise was shifted on the production of furniture hundreds of bedrooms in simple execution for the middle class assistance left had factory-miscalculated the company however with high-quality edelholzfurnierten furniture, which was sold particularly in those Switzerland. Because the Mark was rapidly cancelled however at that time, the Daimler engine society made substantial losses with this business, which finally cost the Sindelfinger Werksleiter Hague the job.

Friedle climbed against it on the career leaders further upward. To 50. Birthday of at that time of the operations director Krumrein played the upper engineer, who in its spare time in the turn association, which engangierte hunter shank and in the music association, 1924 even the Kontrabass.Im enterprise it harvested itself Lorbeeren with the modernization of the paint shop and the 1927 freshly appointed operations director for the body manufacturing got itself the conversion to suggestions for cellulose nitrate lacquer with a study trip by North America, which led it by the most important Karosseriefabriken. It was for Germany a premiere, when Friedle introduced assembly-line to Sindelfingen and put the bases for the press work. In the future the enterprise was ever more extended and improved under its line.

The large economic crisis was forgotten. The Sindelfinger work experienced a rapid development. Thus the number of the persons employed had quadrupled itself 1934 compared with 1932. Friedle always stood in this turbulent time in front line. The negotiations with the machine-builders and suppliers were for it top-priority case.

With the last business trip into Saxonian Schwarzenberg at the end of of May 1935 went it around new Presswerkzeuge.Friedle got sick, came into the hospital and died in the age from 45 years at the consequences of the operation in the ore mountains.

In the ring-back signal it meant over it: Sindelfingens Daimler Benz head William hasp praised the employment of its operations director at the grave:


  • Grave speech of 1935, held of William hasp, the chairman of the board at that time of Daimler Benz
  • Ring-back signal from the Sindelfinger newspaper of 1935
  • Sindelfinger newspaper, William Friedle, the man that assembly-line brought. (Articles from 23 December 2000)

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