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Wiggles is a structure strategy play for the PC, which was published in September 2001 by the Publisher Innonics. The developer of the play is the sec. GmbH, Berlin.

Play principle

The player transfers the rule to Wiggles over a clan of dwarves. It receives from Odin the order, its run away domestic animal, to the Fenriswolf, to catch again. For this purpose the dwarves of the earth's surface must dig themselves ever more deeply by several levels.

The play principle combines different play elements of other structure strategy plays with game of roles and Adventure elements. Beside the structure of functioning goods cycles for the supply of the dwarves with food, tools and leisure entertainments the investigation is the enormous level and the solution of different Quests important play contents.

A characteristic of the play is diagonal humor, the those often exaggerated nice-ends diagram and "clean "atmosphere of other Aufbaustrategiespie like the settlers persifliert. The Wiggles swears, kiffen, breeds nice hamsters as workhorses and for nourishing purposes, and has for enlargement of the clan even to Sex. This ironisierende atmosphere is supported also by the caricature-like 3D-Grafik.


Although the play was taken up very positively by many technical periodicals, its commercial success was rather modest. A reason for it the high requirements might have been to the hardware, which particularly to the size the level was due.

Other meaning

"The Wiggles "are an Australian Popband, which makes above all music for children. Due to the identity of names with these volumes the play was driven out internationally under the name Diggles and the name Wiggles only in the German-speaking countries was used.

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