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:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
: (Russulales)
: (Russulaceae)
: (Russula)
Scientific name
Russula mustelina

A tasty food mushroom is the (Russula mustelina), which particularly occurs in the spruce forests of our low mountain ranges. Pretty often it grows also on Waldwegen and therefore by often is revoked or zertreten. Its particularly firm and hard meat has a nut-like taste. To be confounded it could at the most with other brown which possess however all a sharp and burning meat.


  • The 5 to 15 cm large hat is weasel to zimtbraun.
  • Lamellas are whitish to yellowish.
  • Sporenpulver: creme
  • The first very hard and white handle becomes more or less brownish and spongelike at the age.

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