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White funnel lily
: (Liliopsida)
:Lily something similar (Liliidae)
:Asparagus-well-behaved (Asparagales)
: (Asphodelaceae)
:Paradieslilien (Paradisea)
:Funnel lily
Scientific name
Paradisea lilastrum
(L.) Bertol.

The white funnel lily (Paradisea lilastrum), also white Paradieslilie mentioned, is a plant type from the family of the (Asphodelaceae).


The 30 to 50 cm high strongly smelling krautige plant of several years has upright, sheetless The are grass-like, linealisch, sheet reason scheidig, the comprehensively.

The white blooms 3 to 5 cm long and are briefly gestielt in two to in-since-agile grape/cluster. The carrying sheets are pointedly, the comprehensive. The blooms are triple. The kind possesses six equivalent bloom cladding sheets (Tepalen) and six a stylus with thickened scar (developed from three

Bloom time is from June to July.


The plant is particularly in the south, central and the west alps, Apenninen, Pyreneeses common from approximately 800 m to 2500 m NN.

As location the lime-loving and warm-loving plant fat meadows (gold oats meadows) prefers, lean lawn (Buntschwingelrasen), sunny situations on deep soil.

In Austria the protected plant occurs only absent-minded in southwest (Karni alps and Gailtaler alps).


The kind was designated from the italiensischen Botaniker Mazzucato after his sponsor, count G. Paradisi (1760-1826) in Modena.


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