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Whale's Voyage is a game of roles of the Austrian Entwicklerstudios neo software, which was renamed meanwhile in skirt star Vienna. Whale's Voyage appeared 1993 and by Hannes Seifert and Niki Laber was programmed.

Whale's Voyage appeared first for the Commodore Amiga and few months later also for the PC. For both systems a CD-ROM version appeared toward end of the yearly 1993. 1995 appeared exclusively for the PC of the successors Whale's Voyage II.

Play contents

Whale's Voyage is a Science Fiction game of roles and plays in the distant future. Place of the action is a solar system consisting of the six planets Lapis, Aroboris, Castra, Sky boulevard, Nedax and Ionoid.

The player provides a person's group (party), consisting of four characters, at the beginning. The player specifies appearance and character characteristics as well as special abilities of a character after common sample. Subsequently, the actual play begins. The player is on board its spaceship, the title-giving Whale, which in the orbit of Castra is. Here already it shows up that Whale's Voyage is not a conventional game of roles, because on board the spaceship the play represents a commercial simulation in the kind of '' elite '', in which the player can make money by the transport of goods. This money uses the player, in order to rig its spaceship, which comes again the further commercial efforts to property, since the player can defend himself in such a way against attacking space Piraten. The fights with the Piraten become in a round-based tactical simulation expenditure-fenced.

The actual game of roles part begins, as soon as the player its party teleportiert on the surface of a planet. There it meets already soon computer-controlled characters, which to it against money most diverse orders offer. So the player is to bring an art heart for example on behalf a dealer after Lapis or help a citizen of Aroboris on the search for its entry door key. After fulfilled orders character Upgrades wait for the party.

A further play section shows up, as soon as the player equipped his Whale with a daughter orbital glider. With this flier it is possible to explore the surfaces of the planets. Here the glider is steered similarly as in a Shoot'em UP.

Although the play sections are different, they are again and again interconnected, as the player is for example assigned to transport merchandise to other planets. Altogether Whale's Voyage represented therefore a quite innovative and varied game of roles, which besides offered an unusual space scenario.


Whale's Voyage corresponded to the standard of the early 90's usual for games of roles in technical regard. The diagram format on the PC was VGA diagram in a dissolution of 320 x 240 pixels in 256 colors. The attendance of the planet surfaces were represented in a 3D-Fenster, in which bit-map figures acted. The glider sequences resembled as already described a Shoot'em UP. The remainder of the play consisted as far as possible of bit-map menus.

Whale's Voyage offered an acoustic output as one of the first plays. The remaining selection of sound effects was rather spartanisch and appropriate.

The sound TRACK was composed by Hannes Seifert and offered into MIDI similar formats futuristic electronic melodies. The CD version offered on CD-Playern playable bonus audio TRACK, which was held in the Dance style to one.


The Amiga version met at that time good criticisms on the part of German-language magazines and is considered today as a classical author of the category. The PC version appeared against it somewhat later and against it afterwards fast by plays such as country to OF truck or Eye OF the Beholder was

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