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WF trac, originally MT Trac, are tractors of the manufacturer Werner forest and industrial technology in Trier, which were originally developed by Mercedes Benz on basis of Unimog aggregates. The MT Trac was an attempt to bring the Unimog of the agriculture (for which it was meant originally) more near. The MT Trac was only very accepted however by this. Often as argument for the acceptance lacking of the MT Tracs the tractor-atypical, front and rear wheels equal in size are specified. stated, all wheels were equivalent small.)


The MT-Trac-activities began in May 1967, first series vehicles gave it 1973 in for the MT Trac typical flint-grey/red. Later the standard color was a yellowish green also black.

Until 1991 was sold to 41,000 MT Trac. Alleged today still approx. 30,000 vehicles are in the use. Since then the vehicles are sold further as WF Trac of the company Werner. The selling of the vehicles takes place despite the assumption still via Unimog contract dealers.


The series covers the following models:

  • MT Trac 700 (68 HP)
  • MT Trac 800 (78 HP)
  • MT Trac 900 (90 HP)
  • MT Trac 1000 (100 HP)
  • MT Trac 1100 (110 HP)
  • MT Trac 1300 turbo (125 HP)
  • MT Trac 1400 turbo (136 HP)
  • MT Trac 1600 turbo (156 HP)
  • MT Trac 1800intercooler (180 HP)

Werner offers its vehicles without further model designation with three different engines:

  • WF trac (136PS)
  • WF trac (150PS)
  • WF trac (177PS)

The outside appearance is for the first time uniform. In the easy and middle series there is only a projection of the hood upward. Under it is the coolant filler cap. The hood of the heavy series is adapted in the styling of the easy. The advantage of the uniform optics: By employee and fine-mesh radiator grilles the radiator protection mat frequently used with the predecessors of the heavy series, can be void.

The ascent of the types 1400 to 1600 turbo takes place uniformly with three stages. The left ascent can be opened unfold for maintenance by battery and brake assembly. On the right side Diesel is under the ascent the new Kuntstofftank with a capacity of 240 litres.

The new engines of the series COM 364 and 366 have a short description: more achievement with smaller fuel consumption, rated speed of 2400 rpm, high torque rises by "buffalo characteristic", close P-degree for fast reactions with load changes, additional passage strength and number of revolutions rigidity with course and power-takeoff work. The WF Trac works with engines of Daimler Benz of the series COM 904 LA.

The revised transmission is more easily adjustable. The easy and middle series are equipped with the "Pneumo power circuit". A synchronized planet auxiliary transmission with same forward of and reverse gears is used in the heavy series.

The middle series receive for the first time a transmission oil cooler. Beside the standard rockshaft plant there is one as special equipment for the middle and heavy series HONOURS (electronic lifting gear regulation).

In the comfort safety cab is new the speed-hour meters. The combination instrument has for the first time in the building of tractors a digital Geschwindigkeitsanzeige in transmitted light technology.

Also a MT Trac 1800 inter+cool was built, which exhibited again considerable sales figures at the end of the MT-Trac-development stand and, until production was stopped.

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