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Westminster is an underground station London Underground in the urban district town center OF Westminster. It is in the Travelcard Tarifzone 1 because of the Parliament Square. In the proximity numerous objects of interest, under it Palace OF Westminster, are Westminster Abbey, pc. Margaret's Church, Whitehall, Downing Street and London Eye. In the year 2004 the station was used by 15.871 million passengers.

The station consists of two different parts. Few meters under the earth's surface are the platforms of the Circle LINE and the District LINE. In a depth from 32 meters are the platforms of the Jubilee LINE. Westminster is thereby one of the tiefstgelegenen stations of the entire underground system.

On 24 December 1868 the "metropolitan District Railway" (today District LINE) opened a station, which was called first Westminster Bridge. In the year 1907 one changed the names in Westminster. The extension of the Jubilee LINE in dock country had the consequence that the station under current enterprise had completely again to be built. The new platforms were opened on 22 December 1999, the courses however already drove on the section between Green park and Waterloo since 20 November 1999.

During the new building of the station more largely, 39 meters deep cavity under the platforms of the Circle and District LINE were dug, around therein the escalators, elevators and stairs down to the platforms of the Jubilee LINE einzbauen. It was the deepest pit in the city centre of London, which had been ever dug. One of the largest problems, which engineers had to solve, was it, to build the new building in such a way around the upper platforms that the current course enterprise was not impaired. Gel ice had to be lowered around 30 centimeters. This happened millimeters for millimeters in numerous steps during the short nocturnal rest breaks. Of over old, over station nothing remained.

The architect Michael Hopkins won 2001 with his Design for this excavate-like station complex the renowned Stirling Prize, which is lent annually by the Royal of institutes OF British Architects for particularly remarkable buildings. The inside of the station works very strictly; gigantic concrete columns cross with escalators and intermediate floors from stainless steel. Thus one has the feeling to be in an enormous spaceship. The station complex serves also as foundation of the Portcullis House, in which the offices of most parliament delegates are.

As in the remaining in the year 1999 opened stations of the Jubilee LINE extension also the platforms are in Westminster by a Glaswand separate from the tracks. The doors attached in regular intervals in the wall (platform screen doors) open synchronously to the doors of the railroad cars. Apart from the improvement of the Luftzirkulation by it also a increased security of the passengers is to be achieved. Because of the cramped space conditions the platforms of the Jubilee LINE are one above the other arranged.

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