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The west park in Bochum is starting point of the development concerning town construction city center west. The total area for the town development the available amounts to about 75 hectars.

The conversion of the measure began large park, whose first section was already placed and opened 1999 finished with that approx. 38 hectars. The center of the west park forms in the meantime to the meeting center the converted century-resounds. The surfaces directly around century-resounds and some surrounding surfaces in the meeting-free times of the RuhrTriennale until 2006 into the final form are brought gradually. On the area of the former pump house beside is planned the building of a concert hall for the Bochumer Symphoniker century-resounds.


The potential of the surface is appropriate for the inheritances of the industriellen use, which form the basic structure of the park organization in the found topografischen structures. The beginning of the industriellen use of the location decreases/goes back to the settlement of the Mayer casting steel factory at the avenue road in the year 1842. Here 160 years were manufactured long steel products by the church-bell over cannon production up to the ICE Radreifen. For the external one the area was the forbidden, unknown city. Since 1985 blast furnaces and steel plant are switched off, only in the eastern part of the total area still with steel are worked (S. Bochumer association).

The past of the area is divided into layers. Building and plant structures formed in each case the basis of a new layer, which develops on the preceding. The cinders, the waste product of the metallurgical industry and bulk goods transport necessary for the heavy industry contributed to the arrangement of the surface into even levels in different increments. The tension-rich topography of the area forms the main organization beginning of the west park. Torn off after the deactivation of production nearly all buildings, back remained one closely with spontaneous vegetation covered industrial fallow.

The industrialarchitecturally valuable characteristics of the location are in the center the lain century-resound, that as landmark far away visible water tower and "the Colosseum ", a salient retaining wall building in the southwest Zugangsbereich of the park.

Park arrangement

Park of the three levels:

  • lower city level on approximately 72 m NN in the southwest, range around the Colosseum.
  • The level century-resounds on 80 m NN, valley boiler in the center of the west park.
  • The Hochebene of the west park on 90 m NN, artificially created level, on which in former times the blast furnaces and the steel plant stood.

The park is suitable the old structures on and interprets it into a new, usable, futurable order over. The technical, artifiziell working topography is given and developed further by retaining walls, paved steep slopes and land waves.

The park, in substantial parts on the highest level, offers the unique possibility of the view relations outward into the city accomodation and inward on the range century-resounds. That about a kilometer long round way leads 10 m around the center with to the main location of the Trienale the converted, deep-lain, century-resounds. The way leads thereby across bridge constructions, at steeply dropping embankments or retaining walls along by the light "of industrial nature ".

Botanik and area structure of the park

Strong pioneers such as Birken, pastures, Pappeln and the intensively smelling Sommerflieder settled and are grown up the surfaces within the last twenty years to an industrial forest. This great capital is maintained and developed further.

In the north the gently bent high plateau with the open the high way with the view is in the region and the prospect bastion in the transition to the spectacular bridge of the ore course into the green course direction gel churches and Herne. Of "the internal edge of boiler ", which southern way of the high plateau, views of the park surfaces open around century-resound. The completion of the surfaces will in consideration of the cultural events in resounds still some years to take up.

In the west the way leads old cooling work "across a narrow dam "of the north pole "through clears Birkenwald at "the water landscape past to "the north pole bridge ". The new bridge overcomes a deep ravine of approach road ways and the track route "of the mountain railway ". At night interactively lit up bridge offers the best view of the converted century-resounds, it made possible besides the connection to the plateau of the former steel plant. The surface of the former Stahlwerkshallen is reserved a residential zone. As build-preparing measure a broad flight corridor was opened: An archaeological field with the building remainders of the 160-ig year old steel industry history with foundations, furnace foxes and concrete plates reveals itself to the park visitor.

On the lower site level on the free area level century-resounds are the retention basins, which store the rain water of the fastened surfaces of the west park and retarded toward Maarbach deliver.

The round way leads steel plant kites at the northern slope edge along to the playing area for children "", a play landscape in form of a kite. Its steel head peeps attentively behind the high hedge walls out into the Zugangsbereich of the park. It marks at the same time a central pivot of the way relations. The visitors arriving from the city center of the underground station avenue road over a broad stage ramp into the park on the oh line toward water tower are steered here. This large diagonal is the future extension of the rotting road coming from the main station, which century-resounds on the water tower and the entrance hall supplies.

The way of clearance toward the north leads to 180 m is enough for bar bridge, which attaches in treetop height led to the northern plateau and which round way system closes. As of a spectator gallery are possible for view into the central range with the Jahrhunderhalle and the planned concert meadow.

Its "night face "receives the park by the lighting co-ordinated compiled by Uwe Belzner with the location. Altogether small kept, the special structures of the place will become carefully worked out the illuminating intensity. For over 160 years the place animated to all day and nighttimes keeps so also as public park its night activity.

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