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Page modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 20:59:45

The water internal pressure technology also water injection technology or WIT mentioned is in principle briefly equal to the gas internal pressure injection moulding only with the difference that instead of gas water is introduced over a so-called injector in an injection moulding construction unit. Although the idea is not new, the technical conversion failed so far to lie close and to technical difficulties with the medium the water is connected (tightness, corrosion). To the RWTH Aachen pointed research project out at Institut for plastics processing (IKV) however way for the realization in line with standard usage procedures, so that in the meantime first applications of series could be converted.

Predivide from the use of water devoted are the clear reduction of the cycle time (larger thermal capacity of the water compared with carbon dioxide with the GIT) and an improvement of the surface texture, which in particular for medium lines is interesting.

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