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The Watch cunning is a composition of the names of persons, who are not unwanted there citizens of the USA and. The entry is to be refused to the listed persons into the USA under all circumstances. The Watch cunning is led by the State department (the State Department).

The admission of a person into the Watch cunning can have most diverse reasons; frequently it concerns persons, who under the suspicion of criminal activities as for instance the drug trade. However persons excited the largest attention, whose name for political reasons was set on the Watch cunning.

  • 1987 were set the former Secretary-General of the UN and Austrian Federal President at that time Kurt forest home in connection with assumed connivance or accomplice shank at Nazi war crimes during the Second World War on the Watch cunning (see "forest home affair ").
  • On 22 September 2004 the authorities refused the entry to the British singer Cat of Stevens into the USA because of alleged contacts to Islamic terror organizations. Stevens, which calls itself since its crossing to the Islam Yusuf Islam, always denied such connections.

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