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Wario commodity (jap. Wario company) is a skill play that by Nintendo one developed. The player must solve tasks within a certain time limit. E.G. one must evade (virtual) a person kitzeln or to a rolling article. Wario commodity: Smooth move was announced on the electronics Entertainment Expo 2006 officially for the Wii.


2003Wario commodity: Inc. - Minigame ManiaGame Boy Advance
2004Wario commodity: Inc. - Mega party GamesNintendo GameCube
2005Wario commodity: Touched!Nintendo DS
In the futureappearing plays:
2006Wario commodity: TwistedGame Boy Advance
2006Wario commodity: Smooth moveWii

Wario commodity: Touched!

The third part of the series consists like also its predecessors of 180 tiny mini plays, which one must solve assistance from Touchscreen and microphone. One must help for example a penguin over the polar sea, by arranging Eisschollen to a bridge. In the play in addition certain actions are assigned to a character:

  • Wario: Touch lightly
  • Mona: Scratch
  • Jimmy: Rubbeln
  • Kat&Ana: Marks
  • Ashley: Pull
  • Dr.Crygor: Tricks
  • Mike: Pusten (microphone)
  • 9-Volt&18-Volt: Retro plays

Apart from the normal play, with which one plays coincidentally the sequential mini plays of a character, there is also the album mode, with which one can play a certain mini play, and which toy mode, with which one can use de-energised rewards before. These rewards can e.g. be after-spoken a virtual Metronom, a Ping Pong play or a parrot, all this.

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