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WarCraft (English "war handicraft "or "war art ") is the name of a strategy play row of computer games, which is developed and driven out by the company Blizzard Entertainment since beginning of the 1990er years.

The plays have a Fantasy background, i.e., the fight between the two parties "alliance of humans "and "horde/hurdle of the Orcs ". In the third part also the Nachtelfen and Untoten are added as independent conflict parties. Generally the player must decide for one of the peoples.

As in many real time strategy plays different resources must be collected (wood, gold, in WarCraft II also oil) at the beginning, with whose assistance buildings can be established. In the buildings military units are produced, which are likewise paid with the collected raw materials. Beside the different unit types magic and so-called "special abilities play "a crucial role.

So far in the series the following plays appeared:

  • 1994: WarCraft: Orcs & Humans (DOS/Macintosh) - one of the first real time strategy plays at all
  • 1995: WarCraft II: Tides OF Darkness (DOS/Macintosh/PlayStation)
    • 1996: WarCraft II: Beyond the Dark portal (ADD on)
  • 2002: WarCraft III: Reign OF chaos (Windows/Macintosh)
    • 2003: WarCraft III: The Frozen of thrones (ADD on)
  • 2004: World OF Warcraft (US publication)
  • 2005: World OF Warcraft (European Union publication)


The first part appeared after Dune 2, which as one is considered the of real time strategy plays. Contrary to Dune 2 there are only two competitive parties, whose units differed little spielerisch up to the special abilities and charm with humans and Orcs. But groups with up to four units can be already specified. The player selects after that kind of playing its side and leads either humans or the Orcs to victory besides was WarCraft the first real time strategy play, which one could play in the Multiplayer against each other.


In the world "Draenor" live the Orcs, which maintain a schamanische culture beside other peoples also. A daily however they are shifted by the Mannoroth into a blood intoxication, which lets them forget their peaceful life and wild monsters makes it. At the beginning of the Warcraft row the Orcs conquered Draenor completely and is there now the unquestioned rulers, after her the last free people, who had defeated Draenei, likewise.

Now the Orcs threatens to fight each other however mutually. Under the guidance of the witch master Ner' Zhul Gul' grows up dan to a strong Hexer, which exceeds its master with its natural gift also soon. In the Kil' Jaeden he finds a new master, who shows him that there are still many other worlds. In one of it live humans Medivh, the most powerful Zauberer of all times, whose task is actually it over the world to awake. Its spirit however taken over of coffin-race. Medivh, the last guard, plans to actually tear the rule over the Kingdom of Azeroth, but humans of Azeroth are even strong for him too. Thus it helps to finally open Gul' dan a portal, on that this with the Orcs humans destroy. As return for the throne Medivh Gul offers' dan the knowledge around the tomb coffin-races. Coffin-race was the leader of the burning Legion, however of the Aegwyn, Medivhs nut/mother was killed. And in such a way the dark hordes/hurdles of the Orcs attack notionless humans.

WarCraft II

The second part offers a higher dissolution of diagram (SVGA) and extended groups of units with up to nine units. As large innovation shipbuilding as well as third resources oil relevant for it were introduced. Substantially more important for the entire real time strategy category was however the introduction "fog of the war ", which veiled already enlightened areas again, if one did not position units or buildings there. Otherwise one saw there only the landscape, but for example no opposing maneuvers.

Critics see a stupides real time strategy play, which does not let a feeling be responsible with rather comichaften diagrams for realism in WarCraft II (contrary to the competitors at that time COMMAND & Conquer): So units are superproportionally large (or the buildings strangely small). Fans refer perfect balance of both spielerisch however again parliamentary groups quite similarly turned out and the tactical depth, which the fight offers to those nearly. In the long run WarCraft II became not least with the publication "of the edition "of the play 1999 with which one could play in easiest way on-line in Blizzards, a large commercial success and made so the third part possible of the series.


In the first war between Orcs and humans the Kingdom of Azeroth in a five-year war was devastated, the fortress Stormwind was destroyed and the king of humans was killed. But the Zauberer Medivh, which made this war possible only, did not experience its end. A small unit of humans under Sir Anduin Lothar penetrated into his tower and killed it. Lothar was it also, who led the survivors across the sea into the northern part of the continent to the Kingdom of Lordaeron, where the refugees found a new homeland for the time being. The witch master Gul' dan its was weakened after the first war by death Medivhs strongly and was forced, itself the power of the Orgrim Doomhammer, a cruel new leader to subject who killed the old leader of the horde/hurdle of the Orcs, after he found out that it concerned thereby only one of Gul' dan led political puppet.

Probably knowing that the Orcs would not give up, it prepares humans of both kingdoms for the fight. In the Elfen, the dwarves and gnomes, and further people nations they found valuable allied ones, the alliance were born. The attack of the Orcs, which advance over the sea, in addition, over the country by the realm of the dwarves and gnomes, can be finally stopped. The strongly weakened Orcs, Gul' dan is with its clan to the grave of coffin-races broken open, by the alliance is back floated and must finally even by the portal into its world back flee. Troop of humans penetrates even into Draenor and fights the Orcs in their own Welt.Als the portal is finally closed, only few Orcs in this world back remained, most in camps was held.

WarCraft III

WarCraft III: Reign OF chaos (short WC3 or War3) is the third part of the WarCraft series. It is the first play of the series with 3D-Grafik.

The play

Similarly as in the predecessor plays the player can take over different races. Additionally to Orcs and humans also Nachtelfen and Untote appear as independent peoples with WarCraft III, whom the player in the process of the singles match he campaigns can steer. With WarCraft III the strong focusing on heroes, who can to be equipped by the player similarly a game of roles with different articles and in fights points of experience collect, is new, whereby they can achieve higher level and learn thus new special abilities. In addition the four conflict parties - similar as the three races in StarCraft - play themselves very differently, which in the predecessors to not at all the case was hardly.

As already in the forerunner WarCraft III in the multi-player mode over Internet can be played. For this Blizzard equipped free with new functions particularly for WarCraft III. Thus it is to be simpler for the player to find according to its level fitting fellow players.

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