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Walter knight of Molo (* 14. June 1880 in mountain, "† 27 October 1958 with Murnau at the relay lake) was a German writer.


Admits became walter von Molo with successful biographies over Friedrich Schiller, Friedrich II. of Prussia ("Fridericus") and prince Eugen (1936). He was joint founder of the PEN club, and for the year of the foundation 1926 member of the Prussian academy of the arts. Molo was one of the most successful and angesehendsten authors of the Weimar Republic and by an important "fan municipality "into the 1920er years hymnisch was already hofiert.

Walter von Molo remained in the year of synchronising the academy (1933) beside Gottfried Benn, Oskar Loerke and other academy member, ranked however despite tried approximations to the national socialism never among the representative poets of the LV regime. In the National Socialist literature criticism the books of the nationalconservative of Molo found a ever more critical echo, although it remained successful with its novels further. 1945/46 coined/shaped Molo together with franc Thiess the term "internal emigration "and attacked the emigrants, above all Thomas's man, sharply. Molo stated, who had for many years not lived in Germany, the right incurred the loss to express itself for the fate of Germany.

Walter von Molo died on 27 October 1958 at the age of 78 years in Murnau.

Works (in selection)

Narrations and novels

  • In the titanium fight. A Schillerroman, 1913
  • The Hochzeitsjunker. A running novel, 1913
  • The liberty. A Schillerroman, 1914
  • The large Fritz in the war, 1917
  • Schiller in Leipzig, 1917
  • The eternal Novellisti studies 1906-1912, 1917
  • Fridericus, novel, 1918
  • Luise, novel, 1919
  • On rolling earth, novel, 1923
  • By the old Fritz. 4 narrations from the life of the large king, 1924
  • Bodenmatz, novel, 1925
  • In the eternal light, novel, 1926
  • The legend of the gentleman, 1927
  • Hans Amrung and its wife and other novellas, 1927
  • Humans Luther, Roman, 1928
  • The divorce. A novel of our time, 1929
  • A German without Germany. A Friedrich cunning novel, 1931
  • Elder in Poland, novel, 1933
  • The small hero, novel, 1934
  • Eugenio of Savoy. Secret emperor of the realm, novel, 1936
  • History of a soul, 1938
  • The intelligent girl, novel, 1940
  • The field marshal, 1940
  • They are to scoff only the law, narrations, 1943
  • In the summer. A Lebenssonate, 2 narrations, 1943
  • The people friend, novel, 1948
  • The apes of God. Novel of the time, 1950

Pieces of stage

  • The lived life, drama in 4 documents, 1911
  • The nut/mother, drama in 4 documents, 1914
  • The Infant of mankind, drama in 3 documents, 1916
  • The release of the Ethel, tragedy in 4 elevators, 1917
  • Friedrich Staps. A German piece of people in 4 elevators, 1918
  • The breath in the universe, tragedy in 3 elevators, 1918
  • The bright night, play in 3 elevators, 1920
  • Till Lausebums, romantic comedy in 3 elevators, 1921
  • Lebensballade, a play in 12 scenes, 1924
  • Order in the chaos, play in 8 pictures, 1928
  • Friedrich cunning. A German Prophetenleben in 3 elevators, 1934

Film scripts and collecting mains

  • Fridericus (D, 1936), under the direction of Johannes Meyer, with Otto fee, Hilde Lil Dagover, Agnes Straub, Haack among other things
  • The infinite way (D, 1942/43), under the direction of Hans Schweikart, with Eugen EH Immermann, Hedwig Wangel, Alice Treff among other things

Other writings

  • German people. A handbill into each house, 1914
  • As I the multicolored cap carried. GermanAustrian student memories, 1914
  • To our souls. Three handbills on the war year 1914-1915, 1915
  • Germany and Austria. War essays, 1915
  • Its humans are called German its! Emergency cry from German soul, 1915
  • At Frederik van Eeden and Romain roll and. Open letter, 1915
  • Sayings of the soul, 1916
  • In the step of the centuries. Historical pictures, 1917
  • Italy. Experiences of Germans in Italy, 1921
  • In the twilight of the time. Pictures from our days, 1922
  • The German youth said, 1929
  • Between day and dream. Collected speeches and essays, 1930
  • German community. Speech to 22. March 1932 in Weimar, 1932
  • As I would like Germany. A speech over Friedrich cunning, 1932
  • Praise of the wrong, 1947
  • To new day. A life report, 1950
  • The life is so marvelous. Memories and meetings, 1957
  • Where I found peace. Experiences and memories, 1959


  • Werner von Bergen: The long way from the exile. The discussion around the home coming from the exile by the example Thomas's of man and the controversy between "internal" and "outside" emigration. 1945-1949. Magisterarbeit, University of Frankfurt/Main 1984
  • Babette Dietrich: "An order of higher power"…". Walter von Molo and the Mainzer literature class 1949-1956. (= edition science; Germanistik lines up; 7). Tectum publishing house, Marburg 1995, ISBN 3-89608-877-7
  • Hanns Martin Elster: Walter von Molo and its work. Are enough, for Munich 1920
  • Franz Camillo Munck: Walter von Molo. The poet and the life. (= of the heart impact of my people; 2). Cook, Leipzig 1924
  • Gustav Christian Rassy: Walter von Molo. A poet of German humans. Bohn, Leipzig 1936
  • Karl O. Vitense: Walter von Molo. The nature of the writer. Thesis, University of Leipzig 1936
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