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Vorgewende in the agriculture the randliche range of a field is called, on which during processing, for example also when plowing, one turns. With the usual treatment a field exhibits thus at two facing sides per a Vorgewende. These are mostly the two shorter sides, since longitudinal's treatment is altogether connected with fewer turning procedures and thus more economical. are worked on only following the main part of the plot - perpendicularly to the other working on direction and parallel to the edge of field.

Via repeated turning with heavy machines been made by the time in the Vorgewende soil compaction, those the Ernteertrag noticeably reduces and adapted working on forms necessary makes (e.g. more frequent, deeper loosening). Therefore it is mostly in the interest of the farmers to keep these randlichen strips as small as possible and if necessary not on the field, but on adjacent, possibly surfaces fastened to turn.

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