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The acronym Vomag stands for engine works AG in Plauen. She was up to the Second World War the second largest manufacturer of commercial motor vehicles (truck and buses, later also tanks) on the German market. Afterwards the disassembly of the production plants took place in the course of the Soviet Reparationsforderungen. Later the manufacturing plants were destroyed.

Historical overview

The company was created in the year 1881. First manufactured devices were stick machines.

Since the year 1895 the company carried the name engine works AG "

In the year 1899 the rotary machine assembly went with VOMAG into series. One was at this time a prominent and largest producer of Europe on this sector.

With the invention of the mechanical punch card system 1910 VOMAG removed its market leader shank also in this sector.

On behalf the highest army command 1915 the first VOMAG car was finished placed.

For the Free State Saxonia starting from 1919 penalty were manufactured.

Since 1921 the VOMAG built also looms.

As consequence of the world economic crisis the VOMAG stood 1932 almost before the bankruptcy. This could be turned away only by the establishment of the VOMAG enterprise AG.

During the national socialism in the course of German armament mainly war machines and trucks were produced since 1943.

By the air raids in April 1945 the production of the work came completely to succumbing.

In the post-war period one specialized briefly in the building of hand cars.

Some months later were dismantled the production halls.

1948 were created engine works Vogtland as state-owned one enterprise and were promoted to the successor of the VOMAG.

Branches of production

Truck, special purpose machine, bus, rotary machine, loom, stick machine, commercial motor vehicle and war mechanical engineering

Models of the buses manufactured at that time

  • P 20 f, 40 HP
  • P 30 z, 40/45 HP
  • 3 A C, 60/70 HP
  • C 3 A, 60/80 HP
  • O II, 55 HP
  • O II, 60 HP (rail bus)
  • O II A, 55/70 HP
  • O II A, 60 HP
  • COM 57, 100 HP
  • OV 57, 75 HP
  • 3 OHG, 75 HP
  • 4 OR 652, 88 HP
  • 4.5 OHG 460, 100 HP
  • 5 COM 1258, 300 HP
  • 5 OR 658, 150 HP
  • 6 DR 652, 160 HP
  • 6 OV 57, 110 HP
  • 7 OR 660, 150 HP
  • Type Buenos Aires "imperial", 60 HP
  • Type Leipzig, 50/65 HP
  • Type Montevideo, 50/55 HP
  • In front, 100 HP


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  • VOMAG - Truck from the Vogtland, ISBN 3-61387-264-1

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