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By Vollkommunalisierung one understands the completion of all tasks of the district administration office by the district and is void the otherwise existing national part of the district administration office. Thus the otherwise existing dual function of the district administration office is void as lower public authority and circle authority. The district administration office becomes a purely local office.

This organization form of the district administration office in Lower Saxony on initiative of British crew power since the post-war period, far countries with a Vollkommunalisierung are existed the Saarland, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt. In the circle-free and large district towns, which fulfill also the tasks of the district administration offices, more jeher the vollkommunaliserte model exists since.


Even the organization of the tasks of the district administration office into national and local tasks and thus the question into as far an influence possibility of the democratic committees of the district (Kreistag, circle committee, further committees), often difficult for specialists, exists is void. Depending upon the arrangement of the Vollkommunalisierung the circle committees have a guideline authority or even a back getting authority also for administrative procedures of less great importance (business of the current administration).

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