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Vito Genovese (*1897 in Neapel, "† 14 February 1969, in Springfield, Missouri) was an US-American Mafioso of Italian origin.

Genovese emigrierte in the year 1913 into the USA and became acquainted with there Charles Luciano, as well as with which he implemented armed robberies common in the future starting from 1917 smuggling and drug traffic followed. You finance was the Mafioso Arnold Rothstein. Before outbreak 2. World war had to flee Vito Genovese due to an accusation because of murder to Sicilies. There it supported the dictator Benito Mussolini (murder at Carlo Tresca), changed however to the invasion of the allied ones in Italy the sides and was established in the flourishing black market of the post-war period. Later it returned to the USA, where it took over fast the guidance over New Yorker syndicates. It developed the well organized drug traffic in New York in one decade and was promoted to the godfather of the 5 Mafiafamilien in New York.

Its Vito Genovese let rivals murder cold-bloodedly. For this counted member of the New Yorker Mobs such as Albert Anastasia and Willie Moretti. A notice on its rival franc Costello in the year 1957 failed, leads however to its retreat from its prominent role in the Masseria family. This was transferred in the consequence by Vito Genovese.

After the Apalachin meeting, which represented a personal humiliating for Vito Genovese, because it succeeded to the police by a coincidence the participants to identify, it became in the context of a drug operation of the police 1959 arrested and 15 years detention condemned. It died 1969 in the detention.

That type, which to the arrest of Vito Genovese led, is from Charles "Lucky" Luciano as well as Meyer Lansky to have come, which could not forgive Genovese its misfortune with the Apalachin meeting.

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