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A visiting card is a cheque card-large small card with name and further data of a person. Visiting cards are exchanged when becoming acquainted with humans, in order to save a noting of the data. The designation visiting card agitates from the original function: She was transferred to the Butler or the receipt lady, which passed her on then to the house gentleman or the lady of the house in former times with the attendance in high house.

Today the visiting card has a meaning mainly in the working life. They are exchanged on fairs or conferences and with each first contact between possible business partners. Desired side effect is the discrete report of the own position in the enterprise.

Remoteeastern business partners attach importance to the fact that one holds its visiting card with both hands and carefully as well as with some appreciative words studied, before one keeps her respectfully and feels it as offense, if one puts her (in the wallet) eightless into

Visiting cards do not have a standardized format, it however the card-size (85.60 53.98 mm) were in-patriated, since this is to be transported most comfortably and many storage assistance for this format is appropriate.

They contain only rarely a photo, but always the name and the address and telephone number of the person concerned. In addition business visiting cards carry Firmenlogo and enterprises as well as the titles and function of the person. The back can contain a English-language version, a starting sketch, a photo or other one. For visiting cards there are own and/or small containers for opening unfold.

In the electronic correspondence electronic visiting cards are used.

Photo as visiting cards

The first note over the introduction of the Visitportraits - the so-called Carte de Visite - is in the French magazine La Lumiere from 28 October 1854:

E had an original idea. Dellesert and count Aguado concerning the use of small Portraits. Up to now the visiting cards names, address and occasionally the title of the persons carried which them presented. Why should one not be able to replace the name by the

After another version the duke of Parma than inventors of the such visiting cards is to apply. It had to stick itself 1857 the idea on its visiting card a photo. The Visitkartenfotographie got the real upswing by that Paris photo graph Andre Adolphe Eugene Disderi at the beginning of of 1855, which was to have likewise invented the Carte de Viste.

Usual formats

  • DIN A8: 74 52 mm
  • DIN C8: 81 57 mm
  • Format cheque card: 85 55 mm (European Union) or 85.6 54 mm (ISO)
  • Format standard: 91 55 mm (Asia)
    • with photo: 100 65 mm
  • The USA: 3 — 2 in (= 88.9 50.8 mm)

Usual weight

  • 150-300 g/m

See also

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