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Virago press is an English publishing house, which is particularly concerned with fastidious literature of women and for women.

Virago press 1973 by Carmen Callil one based, which was surprised at the fact that there were special publishing houses for all possible interests and minorities, but none, which worried about "52% of the population of world" - the women. The publishing house program was of the "Women's Lib" - movement affects, however not radically toolistic aligned; thus the publishing house often saw itself between the chairs, however also soon lift got by the strong reaction of the media. With its specific program Virago in the public became fast for a term.

To the shifted authoresses contemporary authoresses belong such as Margaret Atwood, in addition, older English literature such as Elizabeth von Arnim. Virago publishes a classical author row with works of Jane Austen, George Elliott, the sisters and others, as well as a row with modern classical authors such as Marilyn French, Joyce Carol Oates, Eudora Welty and Edith Wharton. 1997 were taken over Virago of Little Brown and belonged now to the company Time Warner Books U.K.

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