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:Basidienpilze (Basidiomycota)
:Stand mushrooms (Basidiomycetes)
:Hat mushrooms (Agaricomycetidae)
: (Russulales)
: (Russulaceae)
: (Russula)
Scientific name
Russula of violeipes

The Violettstielige (Russula of violeipes), also Violettstieliger peach mentioned, is a mushroom from the family of the The mushroom ranks among the food mushrooms. He is to be found from June to Septembers particularly in beech forests and prefers lime-free to sour soils. In coniferous forests it is to be found only rarely.


The hat of the Violettstieligen is four to eight centimeters broadly. In recent age the hat is hemispheric and with increasing age curved to spread. Older mushrooms have a hat, whose center is depressed.

The surface of the hat is feinsamtig and drying. In recent age it is brightly sulfur yellow that with increasing age to one yellow, then yellowish green up to a lila overcrowded clay/tone changes. The skin of the hat is partly old.

As is the case for many the lamellas at the handle increased. They are young from white color and change with increasing age of the mushroom over creme, sulfur-yellow in straw-yellow.

The handle of the mushroom three to seven centimeters long and has a diameter from 0,5 to two centimeters. To recognize it actual as clearly in the photo - violet

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