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Vincenzo Lancia (* 24 August 1881 in Fobello (Piemont), "† 15 February 1937 in Turin) was an Italian running driver and automobile technical designer.

Vincenzo Lancia was born as a son of a canned goods manufacturer in the small mountain village Fobello right at the back in the piemontesischen Sesia valley. After the will of the father it should become attorney, but after its weak school achievements he became an accountant and began as such at the company FIAT. Was there it in addition, interested in vehicles left it soon its office post around as mechanics as well as late running driver to become active. For Fiats it denied numerous running in the early period of the engine haven, as the first running Paris Madrid 1903. Among the best achievements Lancias rank the second place with the Vanderbilt Cup 1906.

it created 1906 together with Claudio Fogolin the automobile company Lancia. 1908 it became of Fiats as a running driver to therefore dismiss, remained however until 1910 as a coworker on the pay roll. After zaghaften attempts with its own vehicles when running to start, he concentrated starting from 1911 completely on the building and the development of his vehicles as fast and elegant sports car applied himself those technically complex and nevertheless was very reliable. In the future Lancia with many innovations in the automotive manufacture of itself made talks, received numerous patents and was considered as "the mark of engineers ". Under its guidance except passenger car also truck, buses, Obusse and military vehicles of different kind were built. Vincenzo Lancia died 1937 at the age of 56 years in Turin.

Its son Gianni Lancia took over thereupon in March 1937 the guidance of the enterprise.

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