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Vincent Novello (* 6 September 1781 in London; "† 9 August 1861 in Nice) was an English musician and music publisher.

Novello was son of an Italian and an Englishwoman. When boy was he choir boy in the Sardinian Chapel in the Duke Street, Lincoln's Inn Fields, where he learned organ. From 1796 to 1822 it was successively organist at churches at the Manchester Square, Grosvenor Square and from 1840 to 1843 at pc. Mary's in Moorfields. It was initial member of the Philharmonic Society, the Classical Harmonists and the Choral Harmonists and functioned frequently as a conductor. it sat down to 1849 in Nice to the peace.

Novello composed a substantial number at works of religious music, above all announced it however unknown works of large composers in England. The fairs Haydns and the Mozarts were perfectly unknown, before it edited them, likewise the works Palestrinas.

With its first work, a collection of religious music, how she was specified to the Royal Portuguese Chapel, it created the music publishing house, with which its name is mostly connected. 1829 took over its son Joseph Alfred Novello (1810-1896), which as bass began, the work for the publishing house. Actually comes to this the merit/service to have been moved away and inexpensive note issues give change from the sales over subscriptions. Starting from 1841 Henry Littleton in the publishing house assisted and became 1861 partners, whereupon the company "Novello & CO." one called. When J.A. Novello sat down to the peace, he became sole owner.

Beside Joseph Alfred had Vincent Novello still several other children. Four of its daughters (of those the youngest, Mary, Charles Cowden Clarke married) were talented singers. The most famous was Clara Novello (1818-1908), which became with their beautiful high Sopranstimme from 1833 on equally in opera, Oratorium and on the concert stage one of the most famous singers.

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