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Vincent "The Schemer" Drucci (* 1898, "† 4 April 1927 in Chicago) was a notorious member of the organized crime during the time of the Prohibition. It belonged the North Side course of Chicago, created by Dion O'Banion.


Regarding the youth years it is only well-known that Drucci, which was called actually Victor or Ludovico D'Ambrosio was born as a son of Italian immigrants and as a naval soldier on sides of the USA at the 1. World war participated. After it dismisses with end of war honorably from the army was, it went to Chicago, where it pierced itself first as smallcriminal with the breaking and of public open. There he became acquainted with O'Banion and became member in by this led North the Side course, within those he soon the after O'Bannion and its closest familiar Hymie white ascended. The fact that the North Side course consisted considerably of criminal ones of Irish, Polish and German origin makes this "career" of the Druccis within the organization the more amazingly.

Sometimes Drucci received the pointed name "The Schemer" (the planner, the plotter) because of its something moved plans. So it is to have reflected in the friend circle to eliminate the government in order to become then even president of the USA.

Drucci implemented various murders, which stood in connection with the gang wars for the North Side course, which flickered in Chicago because of rivalries regarding control in times of the Prohibtion lucrative of production as well as Schmuggels-und of the trade with actually forbidden alcoholic beverages again and again sporadically.

After in November 1924 the murder O'Banions by a criminal organization led with the North Side course rivaling from aluminium Capone and Johnny Torrio was Drucci, which reflected together with the remaining members of the North Side course upon revenge, both involved in an attempted murder in aluminium Capone and in Johnny Torrio. In particular the murder attempt at Johnny Torrio, which failed only, was spectacular, because the pistol, which also to the attack taken part of nose Moran addressed Torrio lying on that already hurt on the soil, malfunctioned its service for lack of ammunition. However the shocked Torrio Chicago always turned the back after the failed assault on its life. Capone added itself to the protection from further assassination attempts an armored car.

In the future it to further arguments and force between the two criminal organizations came, particularly since Capone wanted to switch the heads off of the opposing North Side course after the lucky gotten over attempted murder now for his part. Here two attempted murders at Drucci and Hymie white, the successor O'Banions are worth mentioning as leaders of the North Side course, which occurred in the middle in broad daylight in the city center of Chicago. On the occasion of these notices it came too bizarr seeming violent shootings with a multiplicity of involved one, without on Passanten and strong traffic in the city center also only ansatzweise consideration was taken. Both attempted murders failed however, without dead ones had to be deplored. When Drucci and an aggressor were arrested shoot-purely with one of the here-hasty police, Drucci indicated that one would obviously have foreseen it on its wallet. The aggressor stated, he had be as a Passant coincidentally at the scene and the purpose of the self-defense of his firearm use to make had only had. Both could not be proven the participation in a serious criminal offence.

Finally Hymie white on go-eat Capones in October 1926 murdered. Thereupon Drucci as well as Moran took over the line of the North Side course.

Since Drucci had become in the meantime also because of the scenes described above a city-well-known criminal, he saw himself suspended frequent adjustments by the police. When the police arrested it on 04 April 1927 because of the devastation of a party office accomplished by it on behalf a candidate temporarily and it in the police car to one cross-examine be brought should, it the Chicagoer police officer Dan Healy shot after a violent argument into the belly, while it sat on the back bank of the Short time it succumbed to the thereby caused heavy injuries later. Thus it is one of the few members of the organized crime, which was killed by the police. According to statement Healys is to have tried Drucci to entreissen it in the police car the weapon whereupon it had to make use from this. After other sources Healy Drucci is to have killed, after this rises up him by verbal threats in had shifted.


When the wife Druccis required the admission of determinations for its death against Healy, the police head at that time of the city Chicago it expressed itself opposite in such a way that for Healy a straight medal is made. Since Drucci was a world war veteran, he was bestattet with military honours.

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