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Dr. rer. pole. Viktor Agartz (* 15 November 1897 in rem-separate; "† 9 December 1964 in Bensberg with Cologne) was a socialist German economist and trade unionist.


Out rem-separate coming son of a Metallarbeiters came during his study of the political economy, jurisprudence and policy at the universities Marburg and Cologne with socialist ideas into contact and joined the SPD, where it belonged to the left wing. 1920 he took part in the general strike and resistance against the cut Putsch. After the graduation 1924 he worked as a scientific assistant and later than member of the board at the Cologne consumer cooperative and was active in the education work of the free trade unions. After the seizure of power of the national socialists Agartz became from its position with the consumer cooperatives to dismiss, worked as a chartered accoutant and took part in the context of social-democratic groups at the resistance against the national socialism

1945 after release from the national socialism took part Agartz actively in the reconstruction of SPD and trade unions and became 1946 directors/conductors of the central office for economics in the British zone, 1947 directors/conductors of the Bizonen Wirtschaftsamtes in Minden. Its demand for a planned economy led however fast to its dismissal. It led economiceconomics Institut of the German trade union federation (WWI) from 1948 to 1955 and belonged as a member of the SPD the adviser of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs. It developed the expansive wage theory, after the collective bargaining also as means the rearrangement to be seen. High wage demands should represent an incentive for rationalization. Within the DGBs however Agartz radical line, after he had along-written first the basic policy statement of 1949 and the scheme of 1954, could not become generally accepted. After its resignation from the line of the WWI 1955 in consequence of internal-unionized arguments it published the left socialistically oriented correspondence for economics and social sciences - WISO. 1957 he was accused the high treason and before court placed, where Gustav Heinemann defended him, by the Federal High Court however by the reproach acquitted, anticonstitutional relations with the SED and with the FDGB (this had removed a certain number on WISO subscription, which was called in the Agartz in relation to critical press "east financing") in the GDR to maintain. 1958 it was excluded however because of party-damaging behavior from the SPD and the DGB. It stepped thereupon the telecommunications. 1961 had to adjust Agartz the WISO for financial reasons and pulled themselves verbittert from the public back.


  • "I reject the political law. I do not expect the judgement over my political attitude from this court. The judgement over me I leave to the German working class." (during the process 1957 before the Federal High Court)

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