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The VEVAK - Vezarate Ettelaat Va Amniate Keshwar (German: "Ministry for intelligence and security ") is the intelligence service of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The VEVAK in the spying out of Iranian groups of oppositions works in particular abroad, among them also in the 100,000 persons counting Iranian municipality in Germany.

Beside peaceful and force-free groups of oppositions the VEVAK pursues also members of the militant groups of oppositions and tries informants in the groups to enlist or transfer.

In addition count:

  • the Volksmodjahedin Iran organization (MEK) and
  • the national resistance advice Iran (NWRI)

The VEVAK is logistically supported also by the diplomatic and consular agencies in the countries. Official coworkers abroad work under the legend as press speakers or coworkers of the information Minister in the diplomatic agencies. Unofficial coworkers are recruited under the employee Iran air or are e.g. students, dealers or bank employees. VEVAK positions its coworkers usually abroad of the Iranian banks as an agent or around financial operations to steer. In Germany the most well-known bank is the bank Melli, which maintains addresses in Hamburg, Duesseldorf and Frankfurt.


Few public information about the VEVAK exists. After the fall of the Schahs the VEVAK was created as a successor of the Schah secret service SAVAK. The first director of the service was a major general Fardust. It in the year 1985 arrested due to the suspicion to spy for the USSR.

The service was reorganized from 1983 to 1984 by Mohammadi Rayshahri. Rayshahri was at the same time director/conductor of the revolution tribunal. It created the information and safety Ministry MOIS, which stepped to the place of the former office SAVAMA. Relevant religious Iran, among other things Rafsandschani, it recognized soon that they needed and decided professional agents to re-activate former SAVAK agents in order the internal-Iranian opposition to fight. Other SAVAK agents were valuable, because they had penetrated deeply into the structures of the Iraqi Baath party.

On 23 February 1999 Hojatoleslam Ali Yunesi director/conductor of the MOIS became.

Arrest of a presumed agent 2003

On 8 October 2003 a of Iranian citizens under the urgent suspicion of the secretofficial agent activity in Germany was arrested. The Iranian, who was active as a technical designer in a large aviation enterprise in South Germany, had acquired itself documents from the aircraft construction, on which it had available no access on its job normally, in order to place it to Iranian places.

During the following investigation the material proved as outdated and the preliminary investigation in accordance with "ยง 153a StPO with a money edition was adjusted.

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