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Vertical promoter (VF) (English lifting unit) a part of the Vorzone is in an automatic warehouse. It can both in store-strains and in page out-strains to be merged. With a vertical promoter one or more levels of a conveying engineering (floors) are interconnected.

The movement takes place in the following two axles: FEM 9,831 design fundamentals for RBG automatic warehouses, point 3, page 3

  • y = vertical direction (stroke unit)
  • z = Gangquerrichung (load photography module)


This consists of:

  • is firmly connected to the framework of which with the building. At the framework are the lifting gear (rope or chain drive) and the guidance for the stroke slide.
  • the stroke slide on that the lifting attachment (LAM) is installed. The stroke slide is equipped with mechanisms for the prevention of a crash with rope or continued fraction (safety barrier).


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