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Vampires Dawn [] (English dawn of the Vampire) a two-piece German-language Freeware game of roles of Alexander cook is alias Marlex.

General information

The two-piece series was provided with the RPG Maker. The first part carries the sub-title "for Reign OF Blood "(rule of the blood). The Fantasie play is very popular because of its large extent and exact treatment in the scene. Part 2 "Ancient Blood "(antique blood) ties directly to the first part, is however substantially more and more complex. The author announced expressly that it will not give a third part for the RPG Maker, however an indirect successor named "Vampires Dawn: Crimson Chronicles" for mobile phone, which is programmed with Java. This project runs under the line of the company Dawnatic Games to also the author of the first two parts belonged.

Reign OF Blood

The player is shifted into the role of Valnar, humans, who are transformed equal to beginning of the play by Asgar, a Vampir, into such. The involuntary hero, who does not want to accept its new identity first, must master directly several conscience conflicts: On the one hand it needs blood to the life, on the other hand one its human factor suffers to exhaust others the blood. He hates his creator for it that he made him the Vampir, at the same time becomes Asgar its Mentor and offers to him Schutz.Alaine is likewise a Vampir and a Asgars friend. It forms a counterweight to the two and prevents an escalating of some situations. However it appears fast that this equilibrium is very unstable.

Vampires Dawn I is a long play with numerous Nebenhandlungen. The Spieldauer amounts to at least some days, can extend in addition, over weeks. Also there are different action strands, in each case with another end.

Is criticized the brutality in some scenes, which is hardly visualized however due to the technology. Thus it comes that there is also a censored version.

Ancient Blood

The Protagonist is again Valnar, which created a family in the meantime with Alaine. Inconspicuously the two live together with its daughter Jayna, which creates them from humans has, peacefully with humans. Asgar, which was killed in the first part, whose spirit can find however no peace, is there it as blood spirit (dead Vampir) to eternal existence condemned, finds the thief Strife, it helps by an age-old book again physical shape to assume. But thus it sets inadvertently still completely different things in motion.

Vampires Dawn II was published on 30 October 2005. The technology, music, diagram and animations were improved. Round the combat system of the predecessor by half real time, half are based of combat system was replaced. Besides it was provided to the rm2k3 with the newer version of the rm2k, (RPG more maker 2003)

In "Ancient Blood "more brutality one shows than in "Reign OF Blood ". A censored version is so far however not planned.

Vampires Deaf

As the first Parodie on Vampires Dawn, as well as on the way in dark castle and Dreamland gives itself it Vampires Deaf, provided from a fan, that! Zero! calls. Vampires Deaf was likewise provided with the RPG Maker, is however constantly and not interactively playable.

Vampires Dawn II WWG (which happened real)

Like also the first part (Reign OF Blood) a Parodie possession, was developed also to the second part (Ancient Blood) a Parodie. It is offered on the official homepage von Vampires Dawn for the down load.

Vampires thorn

This Parodie covers both Vampires Dawn 1, and Vampires Dawn 2.Laut manufacturer are "brainless" the jokes in the play, so that it is again funny. First comments state that the demo version is a hammer. When the full version will be finished, is not certain.


On a feature filming since April 2005 one works. The action be based on the first part of the computer game and - against earlier planning - like the RPG in a Fantasiewelt will play.

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