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Unimog is the abbreviation for universal engine equipment. Thereby 1945 develop-universal all-wheel-driven light load motor vehicles for the agriculture originally act around one of Albert Friedrich.


First designs Friedrichs do not show "a motor driven go anywhere equipment for the agriculture ", the designation Unimog give it yet. Equal all-wheel drive and four large wheels mark the simple vehicle, which is meant with 25 HP as tractors, agricultural equipment, stationary drive engine and delivery vehicle for rural economy; of the various later application type still nobody thinks in the post-war period. Six speeds to 50 km/h are planned, drive for land devices in front, dragging mechanism in the back, loading space in the center. Everything together a simple, but nevertheless unusual concept, which stands out against conventional tractors.

On 1 December 1945 Friedrich closes a production contract with the company Erhard & out Swabian On 1 January 1946 the enterprise "general-purpose tractor" begins. Engineers develop the vehicle further in fast steps. Soon the designs show a changed, very rational construction: identical sheet metal bodies for the housings of the front and rear axle, identical impeller reduction gears with brakes for front and rear axle, only four driving joints. The technical designers think practically: A track width of 1270 millimeters corresponds to two potato rows. Numerous characteristics make the new vehicle singularly, among other things the comparatively high speed, screw-fitted with springs and absorbed axles, all-wheel drive with Differenzialsperren in front and in the back, for framework building method comparably with trucks or passenger car, mounting options for devices in front, in the center, laterally and in the back, enterprise of a power-takeoff in front, in the center and in the back.

The first test vehicle corresponds with its diagonal front portion, to the driving cab with covers and the loading area behind it at the end of already of 1946 to a large extent the later standard model. In this time also the name develops: From the term universal motor equipment is pulled together Unimog. Already in the spring 1947 engineers dare a first demonstration. Still however a suitable diesel engine was missing. Daimler Benz with just the again developed COM 636 steers that too starting from 1947. Its production is first still not at all decided, but the crew around Friedrich sets on the mark with the star, one knows itself finally in the best way.

Unimog production is shifted soon thereafter to the company Boehringer machine tools GmbH to Altogether 600 vehicles of the series 70200 leave the work until 1950. As brand name a representative ox head with horns in form one ziert "U "the vehicle.


After the assumption of the range Unimog von Boehringer by Mercedes Benz the first Unimog of the series leaves 2010 from Gaggenau on 3 June the volume. Still under the past indication of the ox head and without the Mercedes star. Compact, straight times three and a half meter the long vehicle gets along as before with 25 HP. Also different characteristics remain unchanged like the simple and functional driving cab with Klappverdeck, the all-wheel drive and the chassis with its four equal large wheels. Just as simple as ingenious construction proved in the meantime long its amazingly high efficiency.


The past series 2010 are supplemented renamed into the series U401 and by the series 402 (long wheel base). At the same time a closed driving cab is offered for the first time. The manufacturing takes over Westfalia, later above all than manufacturers of travelmobile well-known and today a holding company of Daimler Chrysler.


In May the first Unimog S of the series 404 leaves the assembly belt. Contrary to the past Unimog conceived as agricultural tractors is the Unimog S a small highly mobile cross-country truck. It had a long wheel base and is intended for the military employment. In the background are located among other things the German Federal Armed Forces, which are created 1956. It becomes in the course of the long career Unimog of S to the bulk purchaser of this variant, which develops logically to the Unimog best-seller. Due to its area characteristics the Unimog S is however estimated from armies in all world. Thus the first Tranche Unimog of S goes to the French army.

The Unimog S carries the typical oval radiator grille with set in round headlights of the commercial motor vehicles of Daimler Benz from this time. Its driving cab is timeless and arranged attractive. The wheel base grows opposite the Ur-Unimog by approximately a meter only on 2700, then 2900 millimeters. Under the hood Unimog of S works also no diesel engine as in the Ur-Unimog, but a modified Benziner from the passenger car. It carries alternatively 110 HP out from 2,8 litres at the beginning of 82 HP from 2,2 litres capacity, later is it. In the course of the years customers in uniform for the Unimog S, it do not only become enthusiastic enjoy of increasing popularity also at civilian customers. The Unimog 404S proved as the most popular Unimog at all and until 1980 altogether in a number of items of 64242 pieces was produced. It became thus the most successful Unimog of all times.


Also the basis Unimog 401/402 does not know stop: 1956 rise its engine performance of 25 to 30 HP; the designation changes in Unimog 411. Besides second, longer wheel base is to be gotten. One year later gives it the Unimog alternatively with a synchronized transmission in place of the claw aggregate used so far. finally 1959 belong the synchronization to the standard, again a premiere for agricultural tractors.


The closed variants with long wheel base receive a new driving cab. In May 1961 rolls the 50,000. Unimog in Gaggenau of the volume. Engine performance rises step by step to 32 and 34 HP. It remains into the seventies the platform of the Unimog program. Above it the pallet fans out itself in the sixties far.


The new series 406 are presented. The first model has 65 HP a strong 6-Zylinder-Dieselmotor. In the construction period area engine performance is increased gradually up to 110 HP. The wheel base of the new, additional Mercedes Benz Unimog amounts to 2380 millimeters. For many this series are the typical Unimog. The manufacturing of the 406ers runs until 1988. There was it also with tiltable driving cab and with long wheel base (416).


The 100.000ste Unimog is built. 1966 arrange the enterprise the Unimog program again. To the small Mercedes Benz Unimog U 34 from the period of promoterism comes now the middle series 406 with that models U 70, later developed to U 80 far with rising achievement and U 84. The numbers stand in each case for engine performance in HP. Parallel to it Daimler Benz develops the series of 416 with 2900 millimeters wheel base, according to which Unimog S. Sie consists first of the U 80, which grows in the next years over U 90 and U 100 up to the strong U 110.

Between the Ur-Unimog and the middle series Daimler Benz the easy series 421/403, later supplemental platziert by the row 413. They differ by the wheel base and the engines, which on the one hand from the passenger car are derived (row 421/U of 40 with 2,2 litres capacity), and on the other hand from the commercial motor vehicle come (403/U of 54 with 3,8 litres capacity). Also these models grow up to their separation 1977 continuously in their achievement.


The Unimog also is so successful, as agricultural vehicle it at the edge is only used. In order not to let this range fallow lie however, Daimler Benz sets 1972 additionally on a further vehicle, MT-trac. The new Ackerschleper crosses the Unimog technology with all-wheel drive and a power transmission to four equal large wheels with the optics of a tractor: be enough and very slim hood, behind it an angular, highly rising driver pulpit. In contrast to conventional tractors it is however settled and all around between the axles.

From initial MT-trac 65 and MT-trac 70 (later 700) a broad pallet to up develops to the bear-strong MT-trac 1800 within fewer years. A genuine success model does not become nevertheless from it. Later Daimler Benz unites MT-trac with the agricultural machinery activities of Deutz. The manufacturing MT-trac ends 1991.

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