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If a citizen of a foreign state wants to receive a visa for another state, then possibly the collecting main of an undertaking is necessary for the visa distribution. Beside Germany other European states know as for instance France the instrument of the undertaking.

The obligation giver can be a natural or a legal entity. The undertaking does not justify an obligation in relation to the invited foreigner, but open only national places a resort possibility if it because of the stay costs carry must (for instance social welfare assistance costs or costs of the deportation after a bad stay). Therefore the undertaking is not suitable to actually occupy or ensure the financing of the stay that the visa applicant does not finance his stay without permission, approximately by moonlighting, - if it means acquires in this way, develops no costs of national places, the resort risk of the obligation giver is thus small. This circumstance played a substantial role in Germany in connection with the visa affair of the years 2004 and 2005, because it was systematically used by smugglers.

In connection with visas, which are given for the Federal Republic of Germany by German representations abroad, can be done without an undertaking, if it concerns anyway a family after course or exists a maintenance obligation, e.g. if a foreign marriage partner into the Federal Republic of Germany to his domestic marriage partner pulls. The Schengen right plans further possibilities of relieved examinations bona fide travelers so by visa requests, approximately with mentioned. An example of such persons are foreigners, who are to enter on national invitation for service business.

The undertaking cannot be recalled, since it cannot be determined whether by a revocation the reimbursement of costs is to be prevented by case of damage. It is valid up to the departure of the inviting. It is likewise terminated by the grant of a residence permit (e.g. residence permit by marriage).

The obligation entered with the undertaking covers the cost of living of the invited person after German right for example to carry, thus. Supply of dwelling, supply in the illness or case of care. The moreover one one clings in the context of an undertaking also in case of a necessary feedback (e.g. deportation). Generally will turn out to lock at least a foreign health insurance for the invited person.

A declaration is to be made at the foreigner authority (aliens registration office). There the soil quality of the a loader is examined and its signature is authenticated. For the document a falsification safe form one uses. Changes may be made only by the foreigner authority (with the seal of the authority).

More exact regulations are in the residence law (since 1 January 2005: Paragrafen 66-68, until 31 December 2004: Paragrafen 82ff).

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