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twen was a youth magazine, which appeared monthly from 1959 to 1971 in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Optically the magazine was coined/shaped by complex photo distances and (to at the end of of 1970) the very own, graphics Design of Willy mark house. Contentwise it concerned particularly Lifestyle topics such as mode, music and vacation and and partnership. In "published already twen themselves" in the early 60's articles, for a removing the taboo from of pre-marital Sex as well as of discussions. The magazine had to that extent in the Federal Republic a role of the pioneer for the sexual revolution. The most well-known Twen Model of this time Uschi Obermaier should become.

Also political topics like the displaced LV past or the student movement occurred in the booklet. There was thereby a left liberal basic tendency and also overlaps with the author environment of "concretely" and "pardon". "twen" can by therefore also among the journalistic surrounding field of the "68er" - movement in the broader sense be ranked.

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