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Tungsten filter-hit a corner (* 19 September 1928 in Duisburg) is one of the most well-known and at the same time most disputed catering trade critics and Gourmets Germany.


Filter-hit a corner is the son of the civil servant and later landlord walter filter-hit a corner. Grew up filter-hit a corner in meals and Bochum. 1945 he experienced the end of war as Flakhelfer in Northern Germany, where he came into war shank. The British army interned it some months on the island Fehmarn.

In the first years of the post-war period earned itself filter-hit a corner his living costs with the painting of advertisement describing. When 1948 were created at the same time with the currency reform the WAZ, filter-hits a corner there an employment got as a press draughtsman. Later he worked together with his friend Roland Topor.

By a small inheritance favoured, filter-hits a corner starting from 1950 the work art school in Wuppertal could to visit. Into this time also its first journey fell to France. When Willy mark house created 1958 in Cologne the magazine Twen, filter-hits a corner therein a culinary column got. It wrote many years also for the star and the time. Up-to-date filter-hit a corner a monthly column in the Feinschmecker as well as a weekly have in the time.

Since end of the 1980er years lives tungsten filter-hit a corner with his Mrs. Barbara the winter over on the castle "lock meal mountain" in close proximity to Freiburg in mash gau. In the summer tungsten and Barbara live filter-hit a corner in the provenzalischen summer residence Puy St Martin in close proximity to in France.


Tungsten Siebecks columns and also its book publications have - according to own statement - only one goal: The readers are to be experienced and sensitized for the fact that meals and drinking highest quality must be. Filter-hit a corner fights in his columns and books against nearly Food, finished courts, food from the Discount shops, not kind-fair animal husbandry, unsatisfactory table culture and those according to his opinion thoroughly bad German kitchen. Its style is sow-Irish, sarkastisch, stung sharply and often - intentionally - hurting. In addition, at self irony and self criticism does not leave it filter-hit a corner in the articles essayistic put on to lack. He is often liked or hated because of its as destroying outstanding criticism of cooks, other restaurant critics, hobby cooks and housewives either, how follows from many reader letters, which the editorship of the time of reference Siebecks columns each week reaches.


  • "95% of all wines are those can you heedlessly away-pour."
  • "Property meal can be injurious to health, bad always is it."
  • "The liver is also only one muscle - if one it regularly trained, carries out he also more."
  • "There are only two reasons to crickets: The male desire at the fire making and the joy to annoy the neighbours - taste cannot be it."

Read sample

"Like always with mariniertem meat, it had to be dried before the Anbraten. Thus it is located in all example books. But it does not stand there that that is practically impossible. One cannot it dab and even hair dryers, correctly drying becomes it. Thus and squirts it hisses in the pan, on the stove, at the walls, the floor glitscht before fat and juice - in short, it is a large Sauerei. No chance that the meat cubes become brown. During the attempt I cover it generously with salt, throw a handful of peeled garlic toes afterwards and then the vegetables from the Marinade. Also of I pour so much into the that the lie half in the liquid. Cover drauf and off into the furnace. 130 degrees are sufficient."

(Source: "Insanity, insanity ago". In: Times No. 3/1996. Hamburg, 1996. P. 54.)


Beginning of the 1980er years produced the southwest radio with filter-hits a corner a twelfth-hasty cook ending. In addition the documentary film producer novel Brodmann had persuaded it. Brodmann was not only a politically engaged Filmer, it was also a Feinschmecker. The plan for the cook endings looked in such a way: for everyone of the consequences (the live were sent) high-decorated cooks should too filter-hit a corner to be home invited, in order to cook with them a menu. Among other things the star cooks Haeberlin, young, Stucki, Winkler and Huber came and left themselves of filter-hit a corner to bekochen. They had nothing else to do as in the living room at the covered table for the meal to wait, during filter-hit a corner in the kitchen before Brodmanns of current camera the Topfdeckel from the hands fell. Then the menu was eaten, commentated and evaluated, whereby the professional cooks let themselves be hinreissen to or other ironical - or even biting - criticism. Nevertheless one noticed the cooks, Brodmann and filter-hits a corner always on, how much fun made the transmission for them. It became so popular that even the Herald Tribune in detail reported on it. Because of the sudden death of Brodmann the transmission was stopped after the twelfths consequence.

  • 1997: Mirror TV extra, Ralph Quinke: "Vorkoster of the nation", 45 Min./30 min., turned in its house in Provence.

The television version of the news magazine the Feinschmecker and catering trade critic tungsten filter-hits a corner. The television team accompanies the Gourmet to France, bathing and on its excursions and lets it extensively over God and the Esskultur philosophieren.

  • 2004: Arte/Bavarian television, "Lebenslinien: The kitchen Pope - tungsten filter-hit a corner - citizen of the world and border crosser", 30 min., turned in meal mountain and Provence, Evelyn Schels probably of Germany most well-known hobby cook.
  • 2006:3 SOWS, "Gero of Boehm meets tungsten filter-hits a corner", 30 min., Gero of Boehm visits Gourmetpapst and book author tungsten filter-hits a corner in its home on lock meal mountain and speaks with it about meat scandals and like one good taste to learn can, over Esskultur in Germany and elsewhere and over its role than mediators between guest and catering trade.


  • 1991 appointed it the government of France officially the Chevalier you merite agricole.
  • 2003 became in on the occasion of its 75. Birthday lent the Order of Merit of first class.

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