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In the year 1982 after the feature Tron (film) was published the computer game produced by Midway Games Tron. The computer game obtained higher profits than the Erstverwertung of the named-giving feature.

Play principle

The play is played by at least 2 players, of it at least a human player. The two-dimensional playing field shown from above, similarly as with Snake is everyone the player a "queue", which becomes constantly longer however without the a collecting of any articles. In the original it concerns so-called "light wheels" ("cycles" light), which produce solid luminous walls behind itself. A goal is it to force all other players to it frontally against the luminous wall of another player or those the limiting wall of the playing field to drive, about by including it with the own play figure.

The play was copied innumerable marks, it exists also (as in Tron 2,0) quicker 3D-Versionen of the play.

Tron 2.0

With Tron 2,0 monolith acts with the background of the film out of the 80ern around a computer game out of the house. The used 3D-Engine is the so-called Lithtech engine. The story in addition originates from the feather/spring from Steven Lisberger, which wrote also the story to the film. It calls Tron 2,0 the official successor to the film.

Play principle

Although the play is settled in the category of the Ego Shooter, it contains also of aspects of game of roles (for example character development) and Adventureaspekte. In sections the play contains also a Lightspeeder running, a 3D-Variante of the play classical author Tron.

Contentwise it concerns in the play that one is digitized by a computer system and in the computer inside shifts and now as program in the memory with other programs on the way is. The task consists protecting of it a computer system against attacks by a virus, develops themselves further then however much.

All in all a several times distinguished Ego Shooter with some new ideas.

If the play would have become a commercial success, a continuation of the film classical author would have been planned Tron.

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Further there are Armagetron, GLtron, VGATron and gtkMaggot as free open the SOURCE versions from Tron to to receive is, as well as WEGATRON.Eine relatively original version gives it as Java applet on

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