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The SAE machine or also triple steam engine is a agricultural machine to the sowing of plant seeds.

The Sumerer had already invented a primitive triple steam engine. Archeological finds of seed crowds from the time of the Han dynasty in 2. Century v. Chr. suggest a triple steam engine with several seed lines. An apparent such machine made a civil servant named Zhao Guo around 85 v. Chr. admits. At this time one could thereby 7 hectars daily. The first European triple steam engine was patented 1566 by Camillo Torello in Venice. It was constantly developed further: Around the year 1700 there were durable versions, it to some extent however still lasted up to the center 19. Century, until it was and economically usable.

A conventional triple steam engine possesses so-called Schleppschare, small Pflugschare for limited breaking of the plough land. Into the small furrows the seeds are deposited. Subsequently, they are again closed by a running after Striegel. Beside the dragging crowds there are still different devices for the training of the seed into the soil.

Since approx. 1970 also so-called direct SAE machines are used. With them the sowing of the grain grain takes place without to plow. The Bodenfauna (for example earthworms) is protected by the reduction of the cultivation, why the direct seed represents a more careful form to that land management. However it is not everywhere practicable. Also in the ecological agriculture direct seed can be reasonably used. The costs can be divided by a common direct SAE machine purchase on several farmers whereby more profitable management are possible.

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