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Trinitroazetidin (TNAZ) is an energetic hetero-cyclic connection, which because of their low melting point (101 "°C) and their good temperature stability (until 240 "°C) as possible replacement for TNT is regarded.

Structural formula
General information
Other namesTNAZ; 1,1,3-Trinitroazetidin
Sum formulaC3H4N4O6
CAS number97645-24-4
Short descriptionlightyellow orthorhombische crystals (short needles)
Mol mass192,09 g/mol
State of aggregationfirmly
Density1,84 g/cm
Melting point101 "°C
Boiling point- "°C
Steam pressure- Pa (x "°C)
Safety references
R and S-sentences
As far as possible and common, SI-UNITs are used. If not differently notes, the indicated data apply with standard conditions.



  • Lightyellow orthorhombische crystals. Space group: Pbca
  • Solubly in ethanol. A little solubly in water.
  • Low melting point (101 "°C).
  • Volatilely. In the open container melted TNAZ evaporates rapidly.
  • shrinks strongly with with solidifying.
  • Ignition temperature: 238 "°C
  • Small sensitivity to eletrostatische unloading. ESD: > 0,45J (ESD = electrostatic discharge)
  • Achievement of TNAZ approx. 30% more largely than of TNT
  • Detonation speed: 8950 m/s (C-J)
  • Detonation pressure: 35.7 GPa (C-J)


Experimental energetic connection to the production of high-explosive pourable explosives.


  • T.G.Archibald, R.Gilardi, K.Baum, C.George: J. Org. Chem. 55, 143 (1990)

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