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ICD-10-Code Trikuspidalatresie
Q22.4Innate Trikuspidalklappenstenose

The Trikuspidalatresie is an innate heart false formation, which belongs to the form circle of the single Ventricle.

False formations and consequences

The Trikuspidalklappe between right forecourt and right Herzkammer is not put on. In its place an impermeable diaphragm formed. The right Herzkammer is underdeveloped mostly substantially and it exists a ventricle septum defect. The blood from lower and upper Hohlvene flows by an atrium septum defect into the left pre-chamber. From there it arrives into the increased left Herzkammer, which works usually like a only one singular chamber. The children have a cyanosis there venous and arterial blood are mixed. Additionally a Pulmonalstenose can be present, which limits the inflow to the lung. If the Pulmonalstenose does not exist and if it does not form also in the run the time, the danger of the development of a Pulmonalen hypertonia exists because the large left Herzkammer Aorta and lung artery supplies with the same high pressure. In approximately 20% of the cases additionally a Transposition of the large Arterien exists.


  • Echokardiografie
  • Heart catheter investigation


  • If the Pulmonalstenose limits the supply to the lung too strongly, the plant one can aorto pulmonalen Shunts the situation to improve.
  • If the danger of a "Pulmonalen hypertonia" exists because no Pulmonalstenose is present, a Pulmonales Banding can become necessary.
  • The Fontan operation with its modifications is the today common operation procedure depending upon Voroperation then the aorto pulmonale shunts again waived and/or solved the "Pulmonale Banding".

Long-term expectations

After the Fontan operation the children are no longer cyanotic. The everyday life maximum stress is usually quite good. At longer term heartbeat disturbances can occur. Regular control investigations and also the adherence to a Endokarditisprophylaxe are lifelong necessary.

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