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The term of travelers applies within the selling politics as name for liable to social security employee salesman in the field service. In contrast to this definition know the selling politics in the sales field service marketing above all commercial agent and broker.


In the older literature one called everyone traveler, who went for study purposes abroad, in order social, cultural or natural conditions to examine and describe (see for this Forschungsreise). Within the management economics, in particular in marketing since beginning of the past century traveler it is called who outside of its enterprise business in the name and on calculation of its enterprise mediates or locks.

Legal allocation

The management of affairs of the traveler in the modern sense depends on the regulations "§"§ of the 611ff BGB (contract of employment right). Therefore the legal status of the traveler is commercial employees in the context of the contract of employment. From this contractual relation result for it faithful, Sorgfalts as well as obedience obligations. The moreover one the traveler apart from the other obligations of a commercial employee is obligated to his service gentlemen about orders secured to inform immediately (obligation to register) as well as traveler reports to draw up (report obligation). Turned around the employer owes, independently of the reached conversion from the principle wages and welfare service (social insurance benefits and personnel support) as well as replacement of resulted displays (expenses) and the keeping of other rights of a commercial employee.

Potenzielle of conflicts

Risk for the traveler

In business practice the business risk is compensated for the welfare service and salary payment particularly by low fixed salaries with high commission portion on the obtained conversion. Besides straight within the capital goods range regulations, which plan a fixed salary without success-dependent remuneration, are. With the computation of the sales commission the management right of the employer permits besides to designate and care for from now on by the management also in the current customer contact lucrative customers by work instruction too "management customer so mentioned "or it depending upon distribution politics by other coworkers at any time further-cares for to leave.

The life-real consequence in operational practice is a not interspersable total requirement on remuneration of the salesman on the basis of its concrete efforts, despite a if necessary morally further existing requirement for commission. Such regulations are accepted from rather inexperienced salesmen, whom overall reference possibilities in their work contracts do not exclude. Employers, which would like to probably use the management right, however minimum costs aim at, to the employee field service salesman for example as condition as per contract will offer before-financing on freiwilliger basis and against refunding freely which can be negotiated its passenger car, its mobile phone and fund on business trips for the enterprise.

As so-called "return" a higher portion of commission is offered to the traveler with small content on the basis of the data of "point salesmen of many years ". The entrepreneur reached so a contractual relation, which offers on the one hand the advantages of the instruction-bound employee to him, on the other hand however the risk of the sales impact on the coworker with reference to the continuation of wage payment achievement shifts to a large extent. Within the automobile range or in the supporting industry so e.g. frequently gross salaries are paid in the context of the basic supply from under 1.000, - euro and in individual cases from it still the leasing costs of a passenger car (also to the private use) taken off. Small and middle enterprises achieve particularly in the field service in this way frequently acceptable customer contact contacts with in purchase of taken higher fluctuation.

Risk for the entrepreneur

The employer does not have any influence on the sales quality in the consulting discussion with an employee salesman, if it did not like to accomplish permanently Coaching and training measures or customer opinion polls. Since in particular the sales field service of smaller and middle enterprises can be included thus badly in a Controlling, the latent suspicion stands for less achievement for each employee field service salesman in the area.

The employee salesman is instruction and has ith D. R. daily sales reports, frequently in electronic form to deliver. Beyond that experienced salesmen note however the really important customer information, preferences and Privatangelegenheiten of the customers for the structure of one relations level in a separate, private data base for itself, in order to compensate their dependence from the management right to. Travelers are used therefore today mainly by enterprises, the direct access up and control of the sales organs are very important to which.

Activity extent

To the regular work, which a traveler has to settle in the context of his service provision (see BGB "§"§611 FF), belong:

  • Market study (field research)
  • Date preparation and route planning
  • Establishment of contact
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Conflict clarifying and collection activities

The employee salesman is regular neither for the supply of the media (passenger car, telephone, folders etc.) still for the advertising statement of its employer responsible. Their work can be used particularly by service-oriented enterprises also to less notice the sales than the treatment of complaints or the Kundenservice in the field service. The borders to the service technician are here every now and then flowing.


The incomes of the commercial agents are partially importantly higher

In the sales indoor service commissions as incentive for personnel one does without frequently completely, as soon as the commodity turns also without intensive customer advisory service "". The corresponding economical expenditures are shifted here into the range of market communication within marketing. A pure fixed salary regulation is agreed upon therefore rather with smaller qualified sales activities in the trade. Thus for example with cashiers or retail trade salesmen without intensive consulting expenditure mostly gross salaries are paid around 1.000, - euro in the month. In the trade for these coworkers the job title little flatterful for salesmen was established "shelf on fillers ". In the capital goods sales this form of the one-sided remuneration without variable remuneration portion is not usual. Here average earnings/services lie substantially more highly (see diagram).

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