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The travel agency procedure is a procedure, which simplifies requesting of visas.

Instead of calling personally at the representation abroad (message/consulate) of the country, which is to be visited, all participants of a group journey can submit their documents with the travel agency, which organizes the journey. The travel agency must have accredited in addition with the message.


  • Less expenditure for the traveler: Frequently there is only one representation abroad in the capital. The journey there is expensive and time-consuming.
  • Promotion of the tourism
  • Less expenditure for the message: The travel agency takes over the composition of the documents and helps when filling out the forms. Thus it takes over a certain preliminary test of the completeness of the request forms. This lowers the working load of the message, which can concentrate now on it, to decide on the request.


  • Since a traveler no longer personally on the message call, its identity is not examined any longer by the message. The procedure can be used therefore by travel agencies with criminal intention, in order to channel humans in the Zielland of the group journey. Instead of only visiting the Zielland, the travel express takers in these cases do not turn no more home. See also: Slave trade

The travel agency procedure was used by Germany starting from at the beginning of of 2000, in order to simplify the entry from the Ukraine. When the number of travelers rose too strongly and it gave referring to increased smuggler criminality, in the second half of the yearly 2001 the procedure was again suspended. See also: Visa affair and Volmer decree.

Since 1 September 2004 the travel agency procedure of China applies into the Schengen area. A strong rise of the number of travelers is already observed also here.

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