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On transportation palets, also simply pallets mentioned, are used for the transport of certain stackable goods. The loaded pallet can be shipped then for example with an elevating truck platform.

Importantly with loading pallets the sufficient security of the cargo is against falling down, for example by taping or welding with foil.

Pallets have down lateral recesses, which make it for floors conveyance possible to raise under the pallet to drive around them.

Most pallets are together-nailed from boards and square timbers, it give however also pallets out of plastic or sheet metal. There are one-way pallets, which are usually not very durable, these remains usually at the customer, that it then disposed and it gives sturdier multi-path pallets, for example the euro pallet. Another quadratischere form is the so-called Mas pallet. The basic forms determine stack the possibility the cardboards. Thus the utilization of the surface area and the are possibly determined.

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