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» Economics » Political economy » Topics begins with T » Transparency of the market

Page modified: Wednesday, July 13, 2011 02:52:08

Transparency of the market designates the availability of information in the political economy into and over a market. The more information about a market are present is the more transparent it.

The perfect or perfect transparency of the market is one of the acceptance for the perfect market and is characterised thereby that all market participants complete information about all acted goods, whose price and other conditions (e.g. place, supply) possess.

A high degree at transparency of the market can lead to Disintermediation, i.e. the omission of (handels) intermediate ones. Thus frequently the risen transparency of the market is regarded by the new information media (Internet, WWW) as a reason for the economic fall of many large and retailers in some market in accordance with ducks (see also electronic trade, electronic procurement).

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